Hit the Beach in Nacre Voyage’s Swim Collection

The 2017 Nacre Voyage swim line takes women through a classy and sexy journey this summer with Italian fabrics sourced from European mills that supply high-end designers like YSL and Tom Ford. With seven swim silhouettes and 12 ready-to-wear options, women have a variety of custom silk, linen, and velvet skin fabrics to choose from. Influenced by Palm Beach circa 1960, Nacre Voyage brings sexiness and sophistication through its custom-colored pastels and prints this season.

“It’s not about fashion or trends, but about style—understated simplicity, a strong confident look, and timeless elegance,” said the Nacre Voyage team.

Nacre Voyage was created through the inseparable bond of two sisters, Catherine and Emmanuelle. Both women share a deep love for fashion, which they learned from their mother. Hence, Catherine and Emmannuelle embarked on an auspicious journey to develop Nacre Voyage. In addition to their bond and love for fashion, Emmanuelle’s experience in architecture and Catherine’s fashion background in design and communications played a big role in this stunning collection.

“From a young age, our dream was to work together and create something that we would both be passionate about,” said the co-founders.

According to the designers, “the suits and clothing are custom-dyed and printed with exclusive patterns and artwork drawn by Italian, Australian, and Parisian artists.”

Nacre, or “mother of pearl” in French, represents the aesthetic behind this seductive collection. The “mother of pearl” symbolizes quality, purity, luxury, and timelessness, among others. It is a perfect representation of each and every piece within the collection.

It’s not about fashion or trends, but about style—understated simplicity, a strong confident look, and timeless elegance.

“The Nacre Voyage style is built around this simplicity, purity of cut, handmade creations, exclusive designs, and richness of materials for a resolutely current, chic, and feminine fashion line,” said the team.

This collection won’t just have women looking good, but will have them feeling empowered. By wearing a piece from Nacre Voyage, women embody who they are: powerful, sophisticated, timeless, and unique. Wearing swimwear from now on won’t be about showing off that summer body you’ve been working hard for in the past few months; it’ll be about embracing your femininity, power, and pure beauty.

“Nacre is also an invitation to a journey to travel to the world’s end, get carried away, contemplate new horizons, and have the luxury of time. It’s the experience to live in freedom,” said the team.

Embrace your beauty and embody the sophistication, independence, and freedom in Nacre Voyage Swimwear this summer, and forever.

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Hit the Beach in Nacre Voyage’s Swim Collection: Photographs courtesy of Nacre Voyage

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