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From Girl Next Door to Celebrity Manicurist

Katie Cazorla was raised in Ohio as a small town girl and transformed into a celebrity manicurist who now lives in New York. Katie’s dream came true when she opened her own salon called The Painted Nail. If there are any questions we have about manicures and what is trending, Katie would be our go-to girl. She just recently created the 3-minute complete manicure for women on the go. Katie also has her own reality tv show called “Nail Files” on the TV Guide Network. Katie and her cast have celebrities walking in for manicures all the time; just a normal day for Katie Cazorla. Katie is very passionate about nails, attended nail school, she reads up on nails, and she completely engulfs herself with nails. I admired Katie’s determination and knowledge for everything nails, and I wanted to learn more about her 3-minute manicure and any advice she could share. Katie agreed to share her knowledge in an interview with Cliché.

Cliché: Where did you get the idea to  create the 3-minute complete manicure?

Katie Cazorla: When I was flying on a cross country flight and the entertainment systems weren’t working. I didn’t bring an iPad, book, or magazine, and I just sat there for four hours thinking about doing my nails and how that would be possible.

I notice that you used a LED lamp instead of a UVA. Was that done for any specific reason?

LED lights have less controversy and cure the gel polish in less than half the time. Plus, you never have to replace the bulbs inside, and they are more compact to throw in your bag or suitcase.

What is your favorite nail trend?

I really love the layered art look on top of nails. Tiny, super detailed stickers that you can layer to create whole themes and stories on your nails. They look amazing paired with my one-step gel.

What would you say is a number one must in nail care?

Cuticle Oil. I cannot live without it! It has a million uses and instantly makes your mani or pedi look refreshed and hydrated.

What are some essential nail products that us girls should have?

Nail files, cuticle nipper (for hang nails only), nail clippers, a buffer to prep nails before color, SPF hand and nail cream, Color Flash instant nail color, and, of course, cuticle oil.

Featured image courtesy of TV Guide

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