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Beauty on Tour: How to Keep Your Braided Wig Looking Fresh and Flawless

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Traveling always provides me a chance to experience new things and meet interesting people. But it also presents some additional difficulties for Black ladies like me who wear braided wigs to keep your style while on the go. Wigs provide you the flexibility and freedom to instantly alter your appearance, but they require more upkeep to stay looking new and perfect.

From long and straight to blunt bobs and longer layers, I have a variety of braid wigs for black women in my collection. However, I prefer my baby hair FANCIVIVI wig the most. It is ideal for glam nights out because of its length and smooth feel. It can, however, become obvious if there are any flaws or mistakes that need to be fixed when worn for extended periods of time when traveling.

The best way to maintain any wig while it is on tour is to store it properly, detangle it, and restyle it after each appearance. My wig went from a travel disaster to a tour necessity thanks to these straightforward wig maintenance suggestions..

Proper storage

Your wig’s lifespan can be shortened by premature wear and tear brought on by improper storage.  Avoid rolling or folding your wig when storing it because doing so can harm the fibers, tangle the hair, and make it lose its shape. Instead, set the wig on a wig stand or mannequin head that was made with wigs in mind. The fibers can hang freely and keep the design and shape you gave them as a result. For travel, place the Criss Cross Braids inside a breathable velvet or mesh wig storage bag. Since they trap moisture that can harm the braided wig, hard plastic cases should be avoided. When traveling the wig, the wig bag shields it from dirt, debris, and unintentional snagging. To prevent unintentional breakage, separate and store in the bag any accessories, such as your wig clips, combs, and sanitizing spray.

Braided Wig

Gentle massage

Take the wig out of the storage bag as soon as you get to your location. Place it on a level, debris-free surface. Check the wig visually for any obvious symptoms of damage, such as tangled hair, broken strands, loose hair fibers, or objects lodged in the wig. 

Braided WigAlso, on your palms and fingertips, apply a few drops of an oil made specifically for synthetic wigs, such as jojoba, argan, or coconut. You can warm the oil by thoroughly rubbing it into your palms.  After that, comb each hair strand with oil-coated fingers from the roots to the tips. Focus on any areas that are extremely dry, damaged, or tangled, and add additional oil as necessary. In order to lubricate the fibers and facilitate future detangling, the oil conditions and moistens them.

Casual style

It’s time to restyle after that. I normally begin by using a spray bottle to lightly mist my Knotless Twist with water. From the roots to the ends, mist your hair lightly with just enough water to wet the strands without soaking them. This improves the texture of the wig and makes it simpler to shape the hair into the desired look. When the hair on your long wig is still moist, use a paddle brush to comb it straight and sleek. This assists in straightening and shaping the hair strands into an even shape. Long, strong strokes with the brush should be made from the roots to the ends of the hair. To get the desired smoothness and straightness, carry out this procedure several times on each part of hair. Spray the hair once more while it’s still wet, then use your elong wig brush to finish the job. Choose a brush with extra-length synthetic hair in mind, one with long, silky bristles. Apply strong pressure as you run the brush through the hair in the desired styling direction. Till the look is established and the hair lays flawlessly straight and sleek, make several passes with the brush.

Braided Wig

Necessary cleaning

Remember to clean your braided wig after a day of touring or events before putting it away for the next outing. I prefer to gently shampoo and condition mine with a moderate wig shampoo and the oil I previously applied. Before putting it back on your wig stand or mannequin head for the evening, let it air dry completely.

While traveling, plan to restyle your wig every few days to keep it looking fresh. Apply more oil, tease the roots, fluff the ends – whatever you need to mimic that “just-off-the-mannequin” look.  Always end your styling by securing your wig so it stays put during your adventures.


You may make any of your braid wigs for black women into a travel necessity by using these straightforward suggestions. Your dependable long wigs, like my 36-inch wig, will appear just as gorgeous while traveling as they do at home—if not even better! Maintaining a look that seamlessly accentuates every photo opportunity and new location will be your reward for staying organized and committed to proper wig care in between outings. Your wigs may contribute to the special memories that travel brings about with the correct products and timely maintenance. Pack that extra-long wig nonetheless; you’ll be glad you did. Nice travels

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