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How to Apply Mascara Like a Pro

how to apply mascara

Tips for Applying Mascara Like a Pro

Mascara is easily one of the trickiest things to apply perfectly. You never seem to spread it as evenly as you want; you miss spots, it smudges because you looked up too soon; all of these are good enough reasons to not wear it at all for some. 

However, whether it is clear mascara or a tube of something big and bold, there are some tips to remember when applying it so you always look your best. 

Fresh Mascara

The first thing you need to do is ensure your mascara hasn’t expired. If it is old, it will be clumpy, it won’t apply correctly, and it can even smell. It can also appear fine but then end up being a bit oily and won’t stick to your eyelashes.

A rule of thumb used by most makeup artists is that you should throw away or replace your mascara after about three months. You can keep it for longer if it is stored in a cool and dry place and you aren’t opening and closing it constantly.  

Apply to the Base

Mascara does its best work when it goes from the ground up. Always ensure you have coated the base of your eyelashes before moving on. This is how you give your lashes more length. If your eyelashes are a bit shorter, don’t apply too much to the base as it will have the opposite effect, and your eyelashes will look even shorter. 

Wand Shape 

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Nowadays, many brands try to differentiate themselves by having different and unusual wand shapes. The best type of wand shape to use is the classic one, but you can use a different one if you are more comfortable with it, and it gives you the results you want. You can also bend the tip of the wand for more control if need be. 

Cover Both Sides

Another step that many seem to miss is applying mascara to both sides of your eyelashes. Having complete coverage is the difference between your eyelashes looking bolder and bigger but still natural and eyelashes that look unfinished and unrefined. 

De-Clump with a Toothbrush

No matter how new your mascara is and how carefully you apply it, sometimes you just can’t avoid clumps. They are very difficult to deal with, and more often than not, trying to brush them into your lashes makes it even worse.

A clean toothbrush is a perfect tool for removing clumps as the bristles are small enough to get in between your lashes but firm enough to remove the clumps. When finished, wash the toothbrush thoroughly and let it dry completely before using it again. 

Translucent Powder

Never underestimate the power of translucent power when applying mascara. Applying a very thin layer to your eyelashes will help the mascara stick better, and applying between layers will prevent your eyelashes from sticking together. 

Layer with Two Formulas 

One hack that you may not have tried yet is applying two different formulas at the same time. Considering mascara can make your lashes longer and look bigger, finding a formula that does both brilliantly can be tough. Therefore, get two formulas and combine them when applying. It may take a bit of extra time, but this will give you the volume and length you want. 

Clean Your Eyelashes

Don’t forget to clean your eyelashes before applying mascara. Your eyelashes are there to keep dirt out of your eyes; therefore, they are going to be a bit dirty. Use a baby wipe or makeup remover wipe to get them clean before applying your mascara. 

Concealer to Prevent Transfer

The biggest frustration when applying mascara is finding the right formula, the right wand, taking your time to apply it evenly, and the second you blink, it is all over your eyelid. Transfer is a very common problem that can be easily solved. Applying a thin layer of concealer on your top eyelid will help minimize the chance of transfer or at least make it easier to remove. There are also other techniques to remove smudges if you don’t have any concealer at hand. 

Don’t Pump the Wand in the Bottle 

A common mistake that many people are guilty of is pumping the and up and down in the bottle to get more product onto it. The problem with this is that it allows too much air into the bottle, and it will dry your mascara out. If you don’t get enough product on the wand, rather dip it again. Once again, it will take a bit longer, but your mascara will last much longer. 

Spread out Excess

Another common mistake is having too much product on one part of your wand head. This usually happens on the tip, and instead of spreading it out, people will try to spread it by putting it on. Not only will this cause clumps, but you won’t be able to spread it properly, and your eyelashes will stick together. 

Don’t Just Look Down When Applying

Finally, don’ just look up or down when applying mascara. More often than not, you will miss a spot if you are just looking in one direction. Look up and down, left and right when applying to ensure you cover every lash and you don’t miss a spot.

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