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Cheri Moon Speaks Her Truth With “Ain’t I A Woman”

Cheri Moon speaks her truth with “Ain’t I A Woman”; a love letter to empowering and triumphant women from around the world. In this interview, she sheds light on the creative process behind the song, what inspired her and the message she wishes to put out into the world. 

1) You, Cheri Moon, speak your truth with Ain’t I A Woman. This track comes from a place of inspiration. And hence, you dedicate it to Sojourner Truth. You also dedicate Ain’t I A Woman to your grandmother. I would love to know a little bit more about how your grandmother has been an evident source of inspiration in your life. Do you, in turn, attempt to do for your daughters what she did for you? 

Yes, my grandmother, like most grandmothers, was the backbone of my family. She was a very strong woman and a true believer. When I say believer, she was strong in her faith but also, I can’t ever recall her being negative about our goals or aspirations. I mean, she may have had some old-school views, but then that’s what all kids think of parents. She generally leads by example and was beloved by lots of people. I try my best to instill similar values in my kids. Teaching them to be good people and to give. I also like the fact that they can look at their mom and think “Wow, mom just doesn’t give up!” I teach them that hard work is essential if you are ever going to get anywhere in life.

2) While the music video celebrates strong and intelligent women, it also contains stunning visuals and moments of conventionally feminine aesthetic. I love how it reconciles these supposedly separate entities. Why do you think there has always been a tension between embracing one’s femininity and being taken seriously? How do you combat that as an artist?

I believe the femininity struggle stems from oppression from many years ago, just as racial oppression. We as women have made leaps and bounds in progression, but there’s still so much more that needs to happen. When I look at so many achievements women are making nowadays, I know we are going in the right direction. As a female artist, you have to be headstrong and really confident about who you are and what sacrifices YOU want to make. These days you can create your own destiny.

3) Since you revisited a moment of inspiration from your childhood to write this song, what was the creative process like for you?

It was an emotional roller coaster for me with this song simply because I continue to struggle sometimes with my place in the world and my purpose. I know that my life is meant for Greatness and I haven’t quite achieved it yet in my eyes. So, when I have moments of despair I always reflect back to my childhood and my upbringing because that’s what fuels me and makes me feel certain I’m on the right path. I draw strength from moments in my childhood.

4) Recently, especially after the spike in hate crimes against the Black and Asian community, people have been taking notice of the extent to which systemic injustices continue to exist and churn out hate. 2020 and 2021 have seen moments of togetherness as people from all walks of life expressed outrage and protested amongst loss and pain. I would love to know how you have used your platform during these times of unrest.

Injustices will continue to happen unless we are consciously combatting them and creating change. For me, I feel that my best contribution is to motivate and uplift people with my music and art. With “Ain’t I A Women” I felt a huge urge to create something that would hopefully empower and motivate women of all walks of life to stand up and fight for things they want and equality. Even with some of my dance songs and children’s songs, I try as much as I can to put out positive affirmations. Social awareness with my ‘Snooknuk’ project has always been my main focus because the children are where we can really create FUTURE CHANGE!

5) We would love to know what’s next for you. Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share with us?

I’m releasing more music, some that’s inspirational and some that are just fun and make you want to dance. I’m collaborating and tying into more fashion projects, which is another one of my passions! I’m also doing more acting and voice-overs, so I’m stoked about some projects that are coming out soon. With my ‘Snooknuk’ project, I’m working on shows and animation so, I’m excited about that world!

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