5 Entertainment Gift Ideas

There is something magical about the holidays. The changing leaves and blankets of snow are excuses to curl up in your warmest blankets and sip something hot. Even if you live in a place warm enough to skip the snow, you can still sip hot cocoa anyway. That’s the great thing about the holidays—there are no rules. However, the true magic of the holidays lies in gift giving. What is more rewarding than watching someone you love open the perfect gift that you picked out for them? That’s right! Nothing. We have compiled a list of five things that are sure to keep the magic of the holidays alive with gifts that are perfect for any entertainment lover.

  1.  Movies/DVDS

My favorite thing to do leading up to Christmas (or any other holiday) is to watch movies. I tend to curl up with my warmest blankets and my laptop and watch the movies that involve the upcoming holiday’s theme in some way. My favorite Christmas movie to watch is The Family Stone. I watch it every year without apology. So why not gift your loved one with a good movie? Give them a gift you can watch together.

  1. Music

Music is always the answer in our opinion. You can’t go wrong when you gift your loved one with their favorite artist’s new album or EP. If you want to introduce them to new music, why not go old school and make them a mixed CD? Nothing says I care about you more than, ‘Hey, I heard this song and thought of you.’

  1.  Books

No, really. Books are some of the best things about the holidays. There’s nothing more fun than being able to transport yourself to another world to laugh, cry, and smile for a few hours as the holiday festivities come together around you. Is your loved one a fan of pop culture like we are? Gift them the funny, witty, and honest essay collections of their favorite people like Roxane Gay, Mindy Kaling and Issa Rae. They’ll thank you for it later; trust us.

  1.  Gift Cards

Gift cards are perfect when you’re an indecisive, self-conscious gift giver. Gift cards give you the freedom to be confident in your choices because you’re essentially giving out free money. Your loved one can buy what they want (i.e. the books, music, movies), and you still get the credit. Sweet, right?

  1.  A Hulu, Netflix or Apple TV Subscription

Hear me out. Who wouldn’t love a year of free TV and movies? Offering your loved one a chance to never miss an episode of their favorite TV show and a chance to watch all of their favorite classic movies is a surefire way to get the favorite cousin, child, or niece title you’ve been eyeing for years. Plus, it gives you an excuse to sit and watch with them in the name of insuring it is everything they hoped it would be.
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