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Chase Stokes Defends “Oversharing” Kelsea Ballerini Relationship

Chase Stokes knows his limits. 

The Outer Banks star pushed back on people who criticize him for talking about his relationship with girlfriend Kelsea Ballerini, arguing that social media really only offers a “glimpse” of their romance.

“Sometimes it feels like maybe it’s an oversharing situation, or maybe there’s a lot of details,” Chase exclusively told E! News, “but I truthfully believe that my personal life is really, really private.”

The 31-year-old—who confirmed his relationship with Kelsea in March 2023—added that he doesn’t feel “any obligation to share” his personal life online, though he does “give a glimpse into here and there.” 

“But for the most part,” he insisted, “I still feel like I have a really good grasp on my privacy.”

In fact, Chase has a very low-key approach to dating during busy times in his and Kelsea’s schedules.

“We’ve done FaceTime date nights,” Chase revealed, “where we’ll pick a cuisine and then figure out, ‘Do we want to do red wine tonight? Do we want to do a white wine or are we just drinking water?’ So, we have found beautiful ways to make distance at times work.”

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