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Katy Perry Releases Hilarious New Music Video

Katy Perry definitely tapped into her more comedic side in the music video for her new song “Birthday” in which she transforms herself into her alter egos Goldie Dancer, Yosef Shulem, Kriss The Clown, Ace The Animal Trainer and Princess Mandee. The 29 year old pop singer is almost unrecognizable in her ensembles, as she portrays the “world’s worst birthday party entertainers.”

My personal favorite, and the most hilarious character in the video is Goldie the dancer, with her wrinkly skin, sagging breasts and stringy gray hair. The makeup makes the beautiful Katy Perry look hideous, but that definitely doesn’t take away from the hilarity of it all.

Katy’s acting skills aren’t too shabby either. While playing the aging flapper Goldie the dancer in the video she says “My name is Goldie because of my golden nuggets,” Katy explains in a British accent and full wacky old lady costume. “I moved to Las Vegas because I love dance. I was great friends with all of those boys in the Rat Pack. Have you ever heard that song ‘The Lady Is a Tramp’? That might be about me.”

In the video, Katy goes around to five different birthday parties in disguises and no one knew it was her! This is a side to Ms. Perry the world hasn’t gotten a chance to see until now, but I must say I love it. Everybody should check out Katy’s new “Birthday” video. It’s a real knee slapper.

Katy Perry releases hilarious new music video. Check it out here! Katy Perry Birthday Video

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