Which Celebrities Have the Best Kept Teeth?

which celebrities have the best kept teeth

With a number of A list celebrities gracing the front cover of tabloids every week, there is a certain stereotype about having the perfect teeth with a white smile.  With a number of specialized dentists all over the world, are insanely white teeth still only something that celebrities can afford? In this article, we will be giving you some insight into which celebrities have the best kept teeth. We’ll even tell you how this was achieved and you can have the same beautiful pearly whites yourself.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is one of the many Hollywood A listers that have amazing teeth but as with many others there have been minor tweaks made to ensure that the smile is picture-perfect.  It’s clear to see that even with a bit of dental work done,  Alba has a regiment that keeps her smile looking great without the use of harmful chemicals giving her the perfect natural looking Hollywood smile with very minimal effort. You may want to consider looking for experts for dental implants to have teeth that look as good as Jessica Alba’s! 


Another Hollywood superstar that has amazing teeth is Shakira. This superstar singer along with a number of others on this list have all received some sort of dental work over the years. However this can be easily replicated to give you the perfect smile. With a number of dentists up and down the country such as an affordable Camden dentist or others around the UK, you can opt for veneers as well as dental implants or whitening techniques. Each of these specially designed to help you achieve the infamous Hollywood smile without spending a small fortune.

Meghan Markle

which celebrities have the best kept teeth

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Though there is no evidence that Meghan Markle has had any work done on her teeth, there is no denying that this smile is one of the most famous of the 21st century and arguably one of the most photographed. Whether this was during her time as an actress starring in the hit U.S drama Suits or more recently the newest member of the British Royal Family, this smile is perfectly white which each tooth aligned with the next making this one of the most sought after smiles of 2019 according to dentists.

David Beckham

The of the biggest transformations when it comes to dental care is David Beckham. This world-famous football start and former England captain underwent a huge transformation with his teeth as he is now flaunting a set of pearly whites that could rival any celebrity.  With a set of straightened teeth this former football star now has a set of teeth to rival that of his wife making him an honorable mention on this list for the outstanding smile that he now has. Whether it is in the box at an England game or front and center at his wife Victoria’s fashion show, there is no missing that stunning smile.

As you can see from these examples having the perfect smile can sometimes require help from some of the world’s best dentists. That being said, the perfect Hollywood smile is achievable without spending a fortune if you choose the right medical professional for you.  Which will you choose?

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