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Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle Enjoy a Royal Train Ride

June 14th, 2018: Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle Enjoy a Royal Train Ride on Their Journey to Cheshire.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, spent the day out June 14th with Queen Elizabeth. Apparently, this was their first outing alone together since Markle married Prince Harry and assumed her place in the British royal family. On their first outing together, the Queen and the Duchess of Sussex boarded a train from London to Cheshire. The event in all accounts is rather a big deal, considering that none of Markle’s generation in the royal family have ever travelled by train with the Queen. Photographed outside of the train,  Queen Elizabeth dons a light green coat and hat and the Duchess of Sussex looks respectably demure in a neutral-toned dress. Oh, to be the granddaughter-in-law of the Queen!

A Luxury Train Fit for a Queen

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Good Housekeeping

Imagining how luxurious the royal train ride was? As expected, the Queen’s train is more than comfortable, containing dining areas, sleeping quarters, a study, and quarters for the royal staff. In addition, it wouldn’t be a royal outing with the protection officers on hand, so they have their own quarters as well. One can only imagine that Queen Elizabeth’s personal quarters are spacious and refined. The Queen’s saloon includes a bedroom, a sitting room, and a full-size bathroom.

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Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle Enjoy a Royal Train Ride. Featured image credit: Getty Images, goodhousekeeping.com

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