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Meet GottMik: RPDR’s First Openly Trans Male Contestant

Meet GottMik-  RPDR’S first openly trans male contestant! I need to be the first trans winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, period”, he said in a “Meet the Queens” video. In what is a historic moment for the show, Gottmik was announced as a cast member for the upcoming season in December of last year. Appearing alongside thirteen other talented queens, the fashion and design student turned makeup artist and performer is one to watch.

“I like to play with gender a lot”, he says. “I’ll still draw on a mustache sometimes. I love to look like a weird alien freak thing.” He highlights that the biggest misconception regarding him is that he can only do makeup. Already known for his head-turning makeup, his silhouette is sure to catch the eye too. He describes it as, “Very edgy and punk”. Even prior to joining season 13, he has been known to work with quite a few industry heavyweights. Above all, he says, his spirit is a fair blend of competitiveness and calmness. “Not giving a f*** is almost the way that I deal with stress”, he laughingly says. 

A History Of A Lack Of Representation-

But for many, there is still a long way to go. Upon joining the ongoing season, he is now a part of only a handful of trans queens who have made it on the show. While queens like Jiggly Caliente and Carmen Carrera came out after their appearances on the show, Peppermint and Monica Beverly Hillz were out prior to and during their appearances respectively. Furthermore, the show has had a history of transphobia. The show received quite the backlash in 2018 when Ru Paul said that queens that have undergone gender-affirming surgery might not be allowed to compete. The show had also featured a segment with a transphobic slur for many years.

Former contestant Detox also tweeted about the need to do away with “feigned inclusivity” and push for authentic representation instead. In an interview with Colbert, Ru Paul was asked about what he had learned hosting the show. His response was short and simple. “To keep an open mind”, he said. He then highlighted how the contestants continue to redefine and expand the boundaries of Drag as an art form. 

Gottmik and the future-

Getting back to Gottmik, being on the show means a ton. “The more I got comfortable with my gender identity, the more I got to play with the drag Gottmik side”. Citing season 3 winner Raja as one of her big inspirations, he mentions being excited at having a chance to bring the crown back to LA. He mentions, “Especially being a trans going in! A feminine perspective of a trans guy… The trans movement is getting so big, so powerful, so strong.” Above all, he’s out there to win it for his community and we just can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeves. 


Meet GottMik, RPDR’s First Openly Trans Male Contestant, on his new YouTube channel. 

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