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A Conversation With a Rising Star, Shiloh Nelson

A Conversation With a Rising Star, Shiloh Nelson

Shiloh Nelson is an up and coming starlet, most recently featured in Netflix’s original film, “Feel The Beat”.

Cliché: How does it feel to be the star of a hit Netflix movie at such a young age? Is it exciting to know that you will be having such a large role in the movie?

Shiloh:It feels so amazing to be in a Netflix movie! Seeing myself on the poster was such a surreal moment. It had been a goal of mine to be in a Netflix original for a while. I recently said on Instagram that this was my first time being on Netflix and a fan corrected me that two of my movies were on Netflix which I’m glad he did! But it’s a big career move for me to be in a Netflix original.

Shiloh Nelson, image credit to Deidhra Fahey

Cliché: Did you get to work with anyone that you look up to? If so, was it interesting to get to know them personally on set?  

Shiloh: “I had really looked up to Sofia Carson before doing this movie. I had watched her in all of her Descendants movies and her A Cinderella Story film so getting to work with her was such a dream. I learned so much from her and had the best time on set. One time we were doing lines off-camera for one of the girls and the camera separated us and we started singing her song ‘Space Between’ that she sang with Dove Cameron in her Descendants 2 film. I’ve loved that song for forever so that was so much fun! Getting to know her on set I saw what a genuine, kind person she really was which was so special.

Cliché: How does working on a Netflix show differ from working on a movie like “Annabelle” or, “Tomorrowland”?

Shiloh: “Annabelle was a much smaller set due to it being a horror film. This set was definitely much bigger! This was also the longest I’ve ever worked on a film due to the month of dance training before filming which was so much fun!” 

Cliché: Being prominent on TikTok is a really good way to get your name out there and develop a good fan base, do you enjoy having a large TikTok following? And do you feel that it brings you closer to your fans in a fun and interactive way?  

Shiloh: “Absolutely. One of my favorite things is watching the duets that my fans make on Tik Tok. Being able to see their faces watch my videos and see their reactions is priceless. They’ve been making their own Tik Toks acting Ruby’s lines from the movie and tagging me in them which has been so special. As an actor, I make films and videos for the audience so being able to have that interaction with them and that closeness is absolutely incredible.

Cliché: Was it overwhelming to handle all of the opportunities you have been involved with since your role in

Shiloh Nelson, image credit to Deidhra Fahey

“Mom’s Night Out”? And if so, how have you learned to handle the stress that comes with balancing all of your projects, such as youtube and tiktok, and also finding time for fun? 

Shiloh: “It’s really important for me to take one day off over the weekend. Even if I have a lot to do on Monday or a big audition, I still take a day off because it’s so important for me. I have a lot of fun playing computer games with my brothers and friends and baking and making crafts!

Cliché: Did working with Sofia Carson teach you anything new about being an actress? 

Shiloh: “Sofia taught me to always bring my mom to set even when I’m 18 and don’t have to. You always need your mom, even when you’re older. And Sofia brought her mom to set!

Cliché: Is there anything about your character Ruby that you see yourself in? Do you two have anything in common? 

Shiloh: “I so respect how Ruby knows who she is and knows what she isn’t which I wish was a skill I had more of. We’re both optimistic which I love!” 

Cliché: What was your favorite part of the movie to film?

Shiloh: “The really bad dance at the beginning! Before Sofia’s character April teaches the girls how to dance, we go to a competition and the dance is so bad. It was fun because they let us add our quirks and mess-ups and it was so much fun to just be bad and the dance turned out so hilarious.

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