Birthday Party Ideas Inspired by Celebrities

Today we want to share some really cool birthday party ideas inspired by celebrities.  If you’re in charge of throwing a birthday bash, it’s time to get this party started! If the guest of honour loves all things celebrity or wants to be famous themselves, they’re sure to love these party ideas inspired by the stars.

The ideas below are great for adults, but you can also customize them for kids. From Diddy to Chrissy Teigen and Beyoncé, you can host an event that is inspired by the most famous people in the world!

Go for It like Diddy’s 50th Birthday

Birthday Party Ideas Inspired by Celebrities For adult parties, dress up in suits and fancy dresses to party like singer superstar Diddy (also known as Puffy and P. Diddy). If guests can’t afford the outfits, then let them know about rental wardrobe services where they can get the clothes for a short period for a reasonable fee.

The food choices at Diddy’s 50th featured a big variety, from high-end eats to apple pies and breakfast sandwiches from McDonald’s. Do the same thing for your event, creating a buffet table and lining it with bites from a favourite fast food chain, as well as pasta from a gourmet restaurant.

Always keep in mind any vegetarians on the guest list and have non-meat dishes available too. Serve healthier options, in general, for anyone not wanting to dig into the fast food. When party-goers’ stomachs are satisfied, it makes for a great day.

As for the cake, the one presented to Diddy simply said “Love” on it. Rather than putting your honouree’s name on it, try using the same technique with a single word in icing across the top. Perhaps the word is “Friendship” or the number of their new age, such as “50.”

Pajama Party like Cash Warren

Birthday Party Ideas Inspired by CelebritiesActress Jessica Alba threw a pajama party for her husband Cash Warren to kick off his 40th birthday, and it’s another fun idea to try the next time you take on the role of the host. Whether it’s for your spouse, another family member, or a friend, PJ parties are a hit because the outfits are comfortable and fun.

You can be as adventurous as you want with what you wear. For example, John Legend and wife Chrissy Teagan wore matching fried chicken-inspired outfits. Maybe you’ll wear a onesie or a nightgown with a funny pattern. Make sure you clearly state the theme on the invitations, or you might be the only one wearing pajamas!

To get the same party as Cash Warren, have lots of games ready to play when guests arrive. His 40th bash included a “games night” theme, so it had Twister and peer pong. Or, rent arcade games, obstacle courses, and more from Jumper Bee, who offers setup and also catering services to make hosting an event easier than ever.

Make sure you have music on hand, whether it’s live musicians or music from your phone. Dance away the night in pajamas, enjoying being comfy, and you’re already conveniently in your bedtime outfit at the end of the night when it’s time to sleep.

Literary Theme like Kris Jenner’s Birthday Party

 The Great Gatsby makes for an awesome theme party like Kris Jenner had when she turned 60, making it a Kardashian event that’s unlike any other. Or, choose another literary theme and request on the invitations that all guests dress in related costumes.

Other suggestions if you’re not into the book or movie Great Gatsby are Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. If you decide on The Great Gatsby party inspired by the F. Scott Fitzgerald movie, then expect a sophisticated, old-fashioned bash.

Create a vintage atmosphere for the room you rent with geometric art deco, red carpets, low lights, and jazz music playing in the background. Encourage ladies to don the flapper look, with plenty of fringe on their dresses and headbands with feathers.

For men, pinstriped suits with vests are perfect. Just like the Kris Jenner ball, yours will be one that people remember for a long time to come. But, just to be sure everyone remembers, include a photo booth at the event; put props like candy cigarettes in it to get guests socializing and laughing as they step in front of the camera.

Soul Train Theme like Beyoncé had

Birthday Party Ideas Inspired by CelebritiesIf music is what’s most important to the birthday guy or gal, then a Soul Train-themed party is a great idea. Beyoncé did this one when she turned 35, and it was a star-studded event… all on a Monday night.

The celebratory night brought out Alicia Keys, Chance the Rapper, Serena Williams, her Destiny’s Child gals, and more. While you might not plan to have so many celebrities there, you can still follow the blueprint to make it one heck of a wild event!

While you might not get Swizz Beats to DJ the birthday, look around for a great deal on local entertainment, and ask the musicians to come in themed costume too. Alternatively, stream music from your phone with a wireless speaker to get the dance floor hopping.

And what better to hang from the ceiling, over the dance floor, than a huge mirror ball? It sparkles as much as the outfits of guests at this groovy Soul Train party.

If you have kids, you might keep the party going late like Beyoncé did after Blue went to bed. Wear a colorful jumpsuit like Beyoncé, who wore two different outfits during the event; it’s celebrity style with a throwback theme that’s one you’ll want to copy this year.

Comedy Club like Chrissy Teigen

Another idea is to take the birthday to a comedy club. It’s a good fit if the birthday gal or guy has been stressed lately and needs to unwind or if they’re known as being the jokester in the group.

John Legend threw his wife Chrissy Teigen a fun night out at New York’s Comedy Cellar to celebrate her turning 30 years old. During the night, Legend even took the mike on stage and sang “Happy Birthday” to her. So, make sure someone does so at your party!

As part of the celebrity evening, guests chose from a custom menu. While you might not be able to cater your own event, there is likely food served at the comedy club, and you could ask if the staff could bring out a cake to surprise the guest of honour.

Or, instead of a cake, what about serving up customized cupcakes? They could be topped with photos of the person who’s turning another year older or with things they love, such as cats, books, or wine.

Enjoy the stand-up, whether the performers include Dave Chapelle, who performed for Chrissy Teigen, or a local talent. Check out the acts beforehand to make sure they’ll bring in the laughs for the group.

Roller Skating Birthday like Jessica Biel

Birthday Party Ideas Inspired by CelebritiesWant to take this party to a new level? Then take it to the roller rink.

Roller skating might seem old-school to some people, but it’s not if you’re Jessica Biel, who enjoyed it for her 35th birthday. Her husband, singer Justin Timberlake, planned a terrific event at a rink and even gave the shindig a name: Make America Skate Event.

Give your own event a name and add roller skates to the invites you send out by email or by mail. Then encourage the guest of honour to wear disco pants to be the star of the day, as he or she ought to be! If someone wants to look like Justin Timberlake, then wear a trucker hat as he did at the rink.

If you’re not into the 1970’s theme that Jessica Biel had, another option is to make it a 1990’s skating party. It could be a grunge look that everyone wears or a hip hop theme for clothes instead.

If you can’t book the entire rink then try to choose a time when it’s less busy there and let the building know before you get there, so they make sure there’s space for your group. As an extra fun idea, create favors for guests, including neon shoelaces in the bags so they can light up the rink as they skate and then wear them on their shoes after they leave.

Plan for the Birthday Party in Advance

One of the toughest decisions that you’ll have to make as the host is determining what theme to go with from the celebrity list. While you might not have the same budget as the stars mentioned above, hosting an event can be reasonable when you get quotes from different venues and book far in advance.

After deciding on the theme and the location, the next step is creating the guest list. Send out the invites once you know the time of day.

While throwing an event can be stressful, remember to have fun on the day as you don’t want to stress out the birthday star. The day will fly by, and you don’t want to miss enjoying it after all the hard work put into the planning process.

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