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The motivation essay is one of the most essential assignments to do when applying to a university or any other educational institution, which is why composing it should be taken seriously.  The proper structure, zero mistakes, select the perfect topic coverage – all that makes the motivation essay difficult to write.

The admission board wants to read a fascinating, dynamic and, at the same time, a brief story of a promising student. Why did an applicant choose this particular educational institution? How is the applicant going to develop skills required for studying in the university/business school/college? It’s not surprising an increasing number of future students apply for help to custom writings which is a service where they can order a high-quality essay composed for them within a short order and stop being worried about the deadline.

What The Admission Board Wants To Read

When reading a motivation essay, the admission board wants an applicant to be:

  • interested in the studying process and passionate about his/her discipline;
  • skilled (for example, an applicant to be aware of how to work with sources or use works of art);
  • able to cope with difficult tasks and solve common problems;
  • communicative and friendly;
  • promising and motivated.

It’s a known fact the admission board wants to read a competently written paper with no grammatical and punctuation mistakes.  It can be challenging to compose a high-quality paper following all the recommendations and meeting all the requirements, but keep one thing in mind – be yourself and write honestly.  Your essay will be a sure success.

Basic Formats You Have To Be Aware Of

There are two types of motivation essays – a non-structured essay and an interview essay. A non-structured essay lets you present yourself in the best light, writing as much info about your achievements, character traits, perspectives, goals, and interests as possible.  The interview essay requires you to give brief answers to particular questions. That’s why you need to choose the type of essay beforehand and stick to it while composing.

There are also three diverse ways to structure your motivation essay:

  1. Yesterday-today-tomorrow:
  • “yesterday”: I have already gained a certain experience and developed the skills which will help me become the best student;
  • “today”: I am gaining profound knowledge which will help me succeed at the educational institution and become a seasoned professional;
  • “tomorrow”: the educational institution I’m applying to will help me reach my goals and build a successful career in the future.
  1. I-You-We:
  • “I”: possess the following personal qualities, have the following talents, interests, etc.;
  • “You”: offer the program which fully corresponds to my preferences, ambitions, and purposes;
  • “We”: my potential will help me contribute to your educational institution and produce the following results.
  1. What-Why-For what purpose:
  • What do I want to study?
  • Why do I want to study at this exact educational institution?
  • For what purpose have I chosen this discipline?

Try to write the most fascinating and extraordinary facts which will show you in the best light and help impress the admission board. The first part of your essay should always be the most interesting one in order the admission board to read the paper till the end. You may start with unique quote or pose a question – such approach will allow you to make the best impression.

The Most Widespread Mistakes You Have To Avoid

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You have to be aware of the most common mistakes in order to avoid them when composing a motivation essay.

  1. Information doubling. An essay is your chance to express yourself and write as much new information about your aspirations, achievements, and goals as possible being limited in words.
  2. Boring beginning. Start with a sentence which will immediately kindle the readers’ interest – you may write an interesting phrase or start with an interesting story.
  3. The same essay for each academic institution. All educational institutions are different, so you need to write a new motivation essay for each of them. In this regard, always visit the website of the university/college/business school you’re applying to and search for info that will help you compose a unique essay.
  4. Inappropriate jokes. Avoid writing jokes you’re not sure the admission board will like – don’t add anything that may offend the readers or make them feel uncomfortable while reading.
  5. Too many words. It’s essential for you to not go over the limit when composing your paper. Try to write different info in each paragraph and cover all the necessary points even being limited in words.
  6. No editing. It is necessary to reread the text you’ve written before sending or giving it to the admission board. Fix grammatical and punctuation mistakes as well as make all the necessary corrections and put the paragraphs into a logical order.
  7. Composing essay right before a deadline. You have to start writing the essay beforehand in order to have time for proofreading and editing it.

You may also show your essay to your professor – the professional will help you make your paper even better and give advice concerning its structure, format, and style.

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