Why Glossier, a Cult Beauty Brand, is Turning to Skincare

Why Glossier, a Cult Beauty Brand, is Turning to Skincare

If you’re tuned into trends in the beauty industry at all, you’re well aware of Glossier. And, if you’re like me, you own everything they sell. Recently, Glossier expanded their beauty range beyond makeup and dove deep into skincare. If you’re a Glossier fan, this is big. If you’re not a Glossier fan, I’d be honored to convert you. 

Glossier, a three-year-old company who announced another $52 million in venture capital funding in their latest Series C fundraising round earlier this week, is one of the beauty world’s relatively new yet prominent makeup brands recently turned full beauty and skincare range. From their marketing to their prices to their packaging, Glossier, lead by 32-year-old founder and CEO Emily Weiss, appeals to the masses, and primarily to millennials who have a hard time justifying the price point of other major makeup brands, but still want quality products.

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From tinted eyebrow gel to liquid blush to multi-colored highlighters, Glossier immediately took the beauty industry by storm with their simple, reasonably priced products and all-encompassing marketing. Their brand immediately featured women of all colors, shapes and sizes. The brand also hones in on the idea that makeup emphasizes your natural beauty, it doesn’t create beauty, and less is more. As a consumer (and a marketer’s dream) I found this message stood out against its well established competitors and spoke directly to a younger generation who identifies with that message.

As someone who actively participates and writes about trends in the beauty industry, I’m no stranger to the foothold South Korean beauty products have taken in the past couple of years, primarily the past few months. You have likely seen SoKo crazes like sheet masks, snail creams, bubble masks, and uber-moisturizing products (just to name a few). In case you have missed this SoKo influence, South Korean beauty brands have long emphasized skincare before makeup. The idea being that if your skin looks great, your makeup will look even better. Simple as that. And, the bonus? Taking great care of your skin yields so many great results, including keeping your skin looking young and fresh (hopefully forever) and genuinely feeling GOOD about your skin. If you feel good about how you look without makeup, then makeup can be way more fun. Glossier, along with many other makeup giants, are now driving this message home, too.

Photo Courtesy of Glossier

So, what exactly is in their skincare range at the moment? I’m glad you asked. For a while, Glossier has had milk jelly cleanser ($18), balm dot com ($12), a few masks ($22) and a priming moisturizer ($18). A few of these have been staples since the dawn of the company, but the newer additions are what have moved Glossier into being a full-on skincare company. More recently, Glossier has added multiple serums ($25), a sunscreen ($25), face mist ($18), and, most recently, a chemical exfoliant called Solution ($24). I’m a daily user of the priming moisturizer, sunscreen, balm dot com and most recently Solution, and I highly recommend them to all of my best friends, so I recommend them to you, too!

I’m not speaking hyperbolically when I say I’m allergic to everything (okay, maybe a little hyperbolic), and finding makeup and skincare products that don’t irritate my skin AND work could be someone’s 9-5 job. Lucky for Glossier (and unlucky for my bank account) I’m such a fan of their makeup that when they debuted a more extensive line of skincare products, I was first in line to pre-order. My expectations are generally low, or I’m at least skeptical, when brands roll out new skincare products, but I was pleasantly surprised by the new products by Glossier.

Photo Courtesy of Glossier

The moisturizer and daily SPF are both light and non-greasy, but get the job done. Balm dot com is the chapped lip savior you’re looking for in the winter. And Solution, their new chemical exfoliant, has received rave reviews (mine included) about its ability to even out skin tone and make skin baby soft. (The best part: none of these products trigger any type of allergic reaction or sensitivity for me! Which means they probably won’t for you, either.)

Photo Courtesy of Glossier

But, why would a successful makeup company move to skincare? It’s simple: skin care is the foundation of the best makeup routines. Glossier is the brainchild of the blog Into the Gloss, an all encompassing beauty blog that can answer your questions about all things beauty and skincare. The women behind Glossier are well versed in the value of great serums, great moisturizers, and great skin. If you aren’t taking care of your skin, no amount of makeup can make up for it. By adding this to their range, they’re helping their customers see that, and helping share their extensive knowledge of skin care and beauty products with all of us.

Why is Glossier continuing to turn toward skincare? Because we all should be.


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Why Glossier, a Cult Beauty Brand, is Turning to Skincare. Featured Image Courtesy of Glossier

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