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Spring Movie Releases We’re All Hyped For

Spring Movie Releases We’re All Hyped For

Spring will soon be coming, even if it currently keeps feeling like winter is coming on and off again, and spring means more movie releases. This spring some potentially heavy hitters are coming that we’re hyped for.


1) A Wrinkle In Time

This adaption of Madeleine L’Engle’s space fantasy family novel focuses on a young girl named Meg whose father goes missing after discovering a new form of space travel. It is up to Meg, her friend Calvin, and her brother Charles Wallace to find her father and save the universe. With Selma director Ava DuVernay at the helm of this film it looks like quite the early spring treat. Also it has Oprah as a celestial being flying through the sky, so I’m definitely seeing that.


2) The Strangers: Prey at Night

This anticipated horror sequel to the highly regarded 2008 film will come out this March. The sequel will focus on a family staying in a mobile home park for the night that get stalked by three masked psycho-killers. The film will not include the first director Bryan Bertino, however it will bring in Director Johannes Roberts with Bryan still staying on as a screenwriter. The film will arrive March 9.


3) Thoroughbreds

Also coming to theaters on March 9th. This drama thriller centers on emotional Lily and expressionless Amanda, two upper-class high school girls from Connecticut who rekindle their unexpected friendship by creating a plan to kill Lily’s stepfather and solve all their problems with the help of a hustler. Let’s see if they can pull off the perfect murder.  


4) Love, Simon

While everyone loves a good teenage Rom-Com, this film alters the genre a bit. The film revolves around Simon, a gay teenager who no one knows is gay, who falls for a unknown gay classmate online. Having the courage to come out to everyone and find his online crush will be mixed with laughs, fears, and heartwarming moments. Directed by CW’s The Flash showrunner Greg Berlanti, the film is set to come out March 16, 2018.


5) Ready Player One

This upcoming Steven Spielberg directed film takes place twenty-six years into the future where the world’s new technological obsession is not smartphones but a virtual reality world called the OASIS. When the creator of the OASIS, James Halliday, dies, he releases a contest in which if an OASIS user finds the treasured Easter Egg, then that user will receive Halliday’s massive fortune. When Wade Watts, an average teenage OASiS user finds a clue for the egg he sparks an intense hunt against corporate enemies to find the egg and has to use the assistance of his unexpected friends to fight both in the OASIS and the real world. This high-flung Sci-Fi action adventure film comes to theaters March 29, 2018.


These are all the spring releases we’re hyped for and like spring flowers we can’t wait to see their beauty, well, I guess their cinematic beauty at least.


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