What Serums Should You Be Using?

What Serums Should You Be Using?

Mark my words, 2018 is going to be the year of skincare. The entire beauty industry has felt the undercurrent of skincare, and so many major cosmetics companies are hopping on board, now emphasizing the importance of sunscreen, serums, moisturizers, and masks (to name a few). “Skin first. Makeup Second.”, Glossier’s tagline, is just one of many homages to skincare we’re seeing in mainstream beauty brands that we weren’t seeing a few years ago. The realization everyone is having? Well cared for skin is the best base for any beauty routine.

Many of us are set in our ways when it comes to moisturizers and sunscreen, and if you’re like me, there are enough masks in your bathroom cupboards to last 10 years. But, the newest (and possibly most effective) element of my skincare routine? Serums. If you haven’t jumped on the serum bandwagon yet, hop on, there’s plenty of room! And, trust me, some serums truly are worth the hype. From increased moisture to evening out your skin tone, there’s a serum for that.

Here are my top 8 favorite serums (that REALLY work!):


1) Vitamin C Serum by TruSkin

First lesson of serums: Vitamin C is the holy grail. I rarely meet a Vitamin C product that I don’t love. That being said, this TruSkin serum is my favorite pure Vitamin C serum. I use this one as a part of my everyday beauty routine. It’s lightweight and does exactly what it says it will: evens out my skin tone, brightens my skin during dull, gray months. It can be part of your evening routine or morning routine and can be worn under makeup. 5 stars from this serum lover!

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2) Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Serum by Vivant Skincare

After years of an undiagnosed dairy allergy that caused my skin to breakout, I sought out a facialist to help deal with old, dull scars. The serum she gave me (which, admittedly, got the ball rolling on my serum obsession) is this 3-in-1 serum by Vivant Skincare. It helps clear up any blemishes, evens out skin tone and prevents future breakouts.

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3) Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Cosmedica

Hyaluronic acid helps your body absorb other substances much more efficiently, and the serum is no different. I combine this pure hyaluronic acid serum with other serums, most commonly my Vitamin C serum, and feel that it truly does help boost the results. Hyaluronic acid is also beneficial on its own, helping keep your skin looking young and fresh.

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4) Super Bounce Serum by Glossier

This Glossier serum is made up of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 and is intended to keep your skin, you guessed it, bouncy. Bouncy skin? We could all use that. This serum eases and softens tight, rough skin. And, in a very non-scientific assessment of the product, it feels AMAZING when you put it on. Rough day? Long workout? Skin frozen from the subzero temperatures outside? Massage a few drops of Super Bounce onto your face and neck and you’ll instantly feel better (and even bouncy!).

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5) Super Glow Serum by Glossier

At first use, I thought this serum was really strange. It’s so liquidy that I doubted how great its quality could be, considering all of my past serum experience was with a more viscous substance. Because of its liquidity, Super Glow is SUPER lightweight, and after using it consistently for a couple of weeks, the smoothness of my skin and evenness of my complexion was SO noticable. This serum is a Vitamin C serum meant to brighten and energize dull skin, and it does just that.

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6) Hydrance Rehydrating Serum by Avéne

Admittedly, I only came across this serum because it arrived in a Birchbox, and I love it. I actually bought it, which I don’t typically do with Birchbox items (solely because I own more products than any sane human being should). This serum leaves my skin feeling super hydrated without feeling greasy or gooey. Nothing looks worse under makeup (or FEELS worse) than dry, flakey skin, and during these colder months we’re all at risk. If you’re feeling dried out, try this serum.

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7) Rapid Flash Brightening Serum by Sunday Riley

Another Vitamin C serum? You bet. You can literally never have too many. This serum is lightweight and is a great Vitamin C serum, providing an even skin tone, fading scars, and keeps your skin looking vibrant.

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8) B-Hydra INtensive Hydration Serum by Drunk Elephant

I used this Drunk Elephant serum at night to restore the moisture to my face that I lose during the day. Though I’m a chronic water-drinker and moisturizer-user, Minnesota winters leave even the most well cared for skin feeling dry by the end of the day. This serum is lightweight but I wake up feelin’ fresh!

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