The Easiest Knotted Updo Tutorial You’ll Ever Try

We’ve all had those days where we’re looking for a hairstyle that’s cute for those jeans and a t-shirt type of day, yet, a hairstyle that is also a functional transition from day to night. “Having a hairstyle that can transition from day to night is always a must-have in our beauty regimen. This can literally be worn nearly anywhere and is the perfect everyday hairstyle!” says Melissa Cook, a contributor from As of late, we’ve had the privilege of being introduced to the easiest knotted updo tutorial you’ll ever try thanks to Cook.
“I am excited to share this ridiculously easy knotted updo tutorial with you today. For once it pays to have your hair all knotty because this hairstyle is done by actually tying it,” says Cook.
Step 1:
Knotted 1
Begin with a part on the right side, then separate off a square section of hair from the part down to eye level.
Step 2:
Knotted 2
Pick up a small section of hair next to the part and divide it into two halves.
Step 3:
Knotted 4
Cross the back half over the front so it creates a small space between the two strands.
Step 4:
Knotted 4
Wrap the tail through the hole created so the hair forms half a knot.
Step 5:
Knotted 5
Pull it tight so it lays against the head and pick up small sections of hair, adding them into each strand.
Step 6:
Knotted 6
Create a second knot by crossing the back strand over the front, then looping the end through the hole before pulling it tight again.
Step 7:
Knotted 7
Repeat step 6, bringing in hair and tying it into knots.
 Step 8:
Knotted 8
Continue tying knots until it reaches the end of the strands, then tie it off with a clear elastic band and pin it against the back of the head.
Step 9:
Knotted 9
Pick up a two-inch section of hair at the center of the back of the head and wrap the strand around your fingers. Twist the fingers counter-clockwise so the hair forms a little knot.
Step 10:
Knotted 10
Secure the knot in place with hair pins.
Step 11:
Knotted 11
Next, pick up another two-inch section of hair to the right of the first knot in step 9.
Step 12:
Knotted 12
Wrap this hair into another knot and pin it in place.
Step 13:
Knotted 13
Next, pick up a section of hair below the second knot and create a third knot, securing it against the head with hair pins.
Step 14:
Knotted 14
Then take a section of hair to the left of the first knot and wrap it into another knot, securing it with hair pins.
Step 15:
Knotted 15
Finally, pick up the last section of hair and create one last knot, securing it with pins.
Knotted End Result
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The Easiest Knotted Updo Tutorial You’ll Ever Try Tips & Photos courtesy of Melissa Cook from

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