Spring to Summer Beauty Transitions

The spring season produces lovely and eye-catching looks, and these looks blossom into innovative and audacious ideas for the summer. It’s easy for beauty enthusiasts to be enraptured by the stunning trends of spring and summer; although as exciting as it is to play with the “newest” or “hottest” looks, as beauty lovers, we must remember to be practical in our spending, as we may be inclined to buy more with the nicer weather upon us. That’s not to say we can’t splurge, but that we should try to be wise in our spending. Sephora’s website provides their “HOT NOW” products, which are – of course – all summer related; however, these products are great because they are the perfect spring to summer beauty transitions.

Cover FX Custom Color Drops

Cover FX Custom Color Drops ($38.00)

For those who tan, you might experience that frustration of your foundation no longer matching your skin tone, and you may debate whether you should buy a new foundation or not. A solution: Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, as it can be used to help blend your original foundation and fit your tan. Plus, it’s also functional with primers, moisturizers, serums, and oils. There’s an “extensive color range,” so it’s a product that can be suitable for all skin tones, and it has that “sheer-to-full complexion coverage” for the light coverage errand-running day or for the fuller coverage night of events.
Kat Von D Tattoo Precision Brow

Kat Von D Tattoo Precision Brow ($19.00)

As for the eyebrow trend, which is stronger than ever, it’s important that we keep our brows on ‘fleek.’ With summer approaching, we may find that our eyebrow routine for spring may not be suitable for the hotter weather, especially when we’re using the pool or at the beach. Not to worry, though; Kat Von D has our backs with her Kat Von D Tattoo Precision Brow, which comes in blonde, light brown, and medium brown. This product is long-wearing and won’t fade or discolor. So be it bold or natural, you can go confidently into the water and enjoy the rays with your brows in check.
Saving the best for last is the exclusive, limited edition Formula X Infinite Ombré – Nail Design Set. Much like the spring, summer is about incorporating bright colors with a twist. However, Formula X has a unique technique for this set. No tools are required to create these funky and gorgeous blends, as it happens through the application process. As you can imagine, the end results will surely “wow” many – sooo, needless to say, this is a product we will certainly be splurging on for the summer!
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Photos Courtesy of Sephora, featured image Formula X Infinite Ombré – Nail Design Set ($29.50)

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