Perfume Tricks For The Cold

Layer up, ladies! We’re talking about accessories, but the beauty kind. I’m sure many of us can attest to the frustration of our favorite perfume not having a long enough wear, especially during the winter months. At Cliché, we’ve found perfume tricks for the cold that will help you enjoy your signature scent and have a lasting impact.
Johnson's Baby Powder
In the beauty world, it’s understood that products and tools don’t have to be used strictly for their intended purposes, and often times, they’re meant to have multiple uses. For instance, Johnson’s Original Baby Powder ($4.99) is used to help babies avoid diaper rash, yet it’s been used as a dry shampoo and can act as an adhesive for perfume, too. So if you’re not into other scents interfering with your perfume, this would be the trick for you. Another powder is LUSH Cosmetic’s Silky Underwear ($8.95).
Bath & Body Works White Citrus
Although any lotion will do, I prefer to use the same, or similar smelling, fragranced lotion as the perfume I’m going to wear. This way, the layer of scents creates a better staying power while creating a stronger fragrance. My recent obsession has been Elizabeth and James’ perfume in Nirvana White ($25-$100) combined with Bath & Body Works’ White Citrus Ultra Shea Body Cream ($13). Yes, it’s an old trick in the beauty book, but it has stood the test of time.
Elizabeth & James Nirvana White
Lately, it seems as though everyone’s looking for their favorite fragrance oil rather than a perfume. Oils have become increasingly popular because of their small, yet heavy concentration. A tiny droplet is all that’s needed to create the scent and lasting power you so desire. Well-known brands, such as Elizabeth and James, have produced pure perfume oil ($35) for the line.
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Perfume Tricks For The Cold: Photos Courtesy of Target, Bath & Body Works, & Sephora & Featured Image: Chanel

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