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Vazquez’s understanding of LUSH’s beginnings made me wonder how he first learned about LUSH and how he started working for the company. “What first brought me into LUSH was that I’m a vegetarian,” Vazquez said. “I have been for six years, and LUSH is 100% a vegetarian company. A lot of our products are vegan as well.” What’s fantastic about LUSH is that the company is all about growth and obtaining a strong knowledge. While I was spending time with Vazquez, I observed the knowledge that other employees were sharing with customers about their products. I was blown away by the amount of information Vazquez knew. Was there anything the LUSH employees didn’t know? Vazquez was honest: “every day, we learn something new here. We’re open-minded people. We know that we don’t know every single ingredient, so we look it up together sometimes with the customers. We have knowledge that we can acquire.” There is an ingredient finder on LUSH’s homepage, which explains where an ingredient comes from, what it’s used for, and what it does for the skin and mind.
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Speaking of which, the product names are very much interlinked with the therapeutic effects of the ingredients. LUSH also enjoys adding humor and cork to their names. “LUSH is really big on having fun,” noted Vazquez. “A lot of our product names are inspired by music or movies. The Rehab shampoo has a little secret message behind the sticker with the face on it, and it says “no, no, no” like from Amy Winehouse’s ‘Rehab’ song.” LUSH clearly loves to have fun with their names, products, and packaging, and truthfully, I don’t think we’d want it any other way.
After all, this is one of the reasons why LUSH stood out to me. I fell in love with their fearlessness to be unusual and distinct, and their unapologetic nature to be who they are and fight for what they believe in, which is something that is definitely a prevalent part of their brand. In all LUSH Cosmetics stores, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find a “Mission Statement” board. Vazquez explained that the Mission Statement board is representative of LUSH’s beliefs and values. “We try to make our statements sound very out there because we want people to know our values,” he said. For example, LUSH minimizes the packaging of their products, yet some products don’t have any packaging at all. This is because LUSH feels that it’s better for the environment. “You don’t have to throw anything away,” Vazquez said. “If there is something that is packaged, it is something that can be recycled. We are continuously trying to find ways to improve our company.”

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