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Additionally, LUSH likes a very fresh approach to their skincare and haircare routine. Since people are actually creating their products, Vazquez says that LUSH prefers to think of their factory as a “big kitchen.” Along with LUSH’s belief in having a natural and crisp method for their products, they’re against animal testing. “That’s very important to us,” Vazquez said. “All the ingredients in our products are ethically sourced.” This means that LUSH has ethical buyers who travel the world and work with the people who live in those areas. This allows LUSH to have an understanding of where their products are coming from, which enables them to confidently share that information with their customers. Last but not least, Vazquez added that, “it also ensures that our products are organic, animal cruelty free, and high quality.”

SkincareIt’s a comfort knowing that LUSH allows its customers to genuinely enjoy their products without the guilt or wonder of where their products are from and how they were made. So when you’re enjoying your favorite bath bomb or massage bar, enjoy it to the fullest! Consequently, that’s what LUSH is all about: “We like to think of LUSH as a candle-lit bath and luxurious shower. We believe in pampering our customers because we believe in the art of pampering. With our product creators, they really put creativity and what inspires them into the products, so there’s actually a story behind each product that has been made. We think it’s very important that we put a lot of thought and creativity into our company.”

Creativity and individuality is duly noted in every handmade product, but respect for individuality is particularly important, too. “I like to think of LUSH as the company full of misfits,” says Vazquez, “but at the same time, it’s representative of our generation and what it’s becoming.” I think it’s safe to say that LUSH as a company is as amazing as its products.

Employees at LUSH Garden State Mall

LUSH Employees at Garden State Plaza

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Love for LUSH: Photos Courtesy of LUSH Cosmetics in Garden State Plaza, New Jersey

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