Kat Dennings Transforms Into Her Beauty Icons

Is there a beauty look that Kat Dennings can’t pull off? We don’t think so–and neither does Byrdie, who recently recruited the beautiful and outspoken actress for their latest editorial experiment. With the aid of hairstylist Gregory Russel, makeup artist Rachel Goodwin, and photographer Olivia Malone, Dennings channeled her favorite influences all the way from Katharine Hepburn to Eddie Vedder.
Katharine Hepburn
“Katharine Hepburn obviously was one of the earth’s most inspiring female movie stars,” said Dennings about the actress known for her charm and tousled, shoulder-length waves. “And I like to wear pants, and she liked to wear pants, and I thought why not?”
Sophia Loren
“She kind of epitomizes Old Hollywood babe glamour,” Dennings told Byrdie, and we couldn’t agree more! “She is just full-on feminine, an amazing actress, gorgeous face, and amazing body… Like I try to sort of get inspiration from her when I’m going to an event or something like that, just because I love her whole essence.”
Anjelica Huston
“Anjelica Huston is another one of those amazing, classic beauties, classic actresses. And she’s one of the actresses that I idolized,” said Dennings to Byrdie. “We did a cool version of Anjelica when she was a hot babe in the ’70s, and I loved that.”
Eddie Vedder
“Well I’m sure Eddie Vedder would be horrified to see what I thought I was doing,” said Dennings. “…I notice when I’m at my most casual I look exactly like him when he was younger. I am a grunge kid a little bit, so I thought I would throw the Vedder hat in the mix, and I hope he doesn’t hate me.”
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Kat Dennings Transforms into Her Beauty Icons: Photographed by Olivia Malone, Hair by Gregory Russell, Makeup by Rachel Goodwin, Styling by Christine Baker, Manicure by Kait Mosh

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