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Ann_Taylor_Changemaker_Anna_Gray_Jen_Steele-134We are all for a match made in heaven, and we’re sharing one love match that we’re sure you’ll love as well. Ann Taylor has partnered with The Coveteur in celebration of Changemakers, women who are making their way in the world through the extraordinary happenings they create. The partnership highlights stories about these women who push to make differences within the world by being innovators, risk-takers, entrepreneurs, and more. Through the perspective of The Coveteur, Changemakers is sharing a look into the lives of three incredible women—Sarah Slutsky from Cinematique, and Jen Steele and Anna Gray, the co-founders of Girls I Know. Each of these dynamic women are styled head-to-toe in Ann Taylor garments by The Coveteur with their looks being fully shoppable via Cinematique, so all of you super fabulous women out there can easily pull off the same glorious looks these gals rock!
Ann_Taylor_Changemaker_Anna_Gray_Jen_Steele-109The inspiration of Changemakers came about when Ann Taylor launched a series on its blog last spring focused on passionate women who inspired the company. Not only were everyday women’s stories shared, but Ann Taylor also hosted a dinner in early December to honor and celebrate said Changemakers. Sarah Slutsky was one of the Changemakers who attended the dinner, thus kicking off this beautiful and moving partnership with the inclusion of Cinematique. We couldn’t be any more excited about this movement focused on empowering and inspiring women who help us aspire to create whatever we love. The more girl power out there, the better! This is to all the women out there striving to do more as they create their own beauty within their lives—this is to all the Changemakers!
For more information on the Changemakers and where you can shop their looks, be sure to visit You’ll be able to see the looks created for Sarah, Jen, and Anna in action, as well as shop them, too! What do you define as a Changemaker? We believe being authentic, aesthetically creative, and doing what you love no matter what is what makes a Changemaker.

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Photo credit to Ann Taylor x The Coveteur

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