Jus D’Amour Perfume Oil

There are perfumes and then there’s Jus D’Amour Perfume Oil. This beautiful, soothing, not to mention intoxicating “love song in a bottle,” is our newest obsession in the fragrance world. Jus D’Amour has also caught the attention of some of our favorite celebs, including Anna Gunn, Sharon Stone, Ali Fedotowsky, Vanessa Williams, and actress Jennie Garth.

“My Jus D’Amour, or ‘love juice,’ perfume is a dude magnet.” said Garth. “Men go crazy for the earthy, cedar smell, so I make sure I’m ready to attract attention whenever I wear it!”

Jus D’Amour by Parfums Mercedes features a mature, memorizing scent with notes of sweet coco palm, night blooming jasmine, rich Tahitian Vanilla, and mysterious green aqua leaf, leaving a captivatingly smooth scent behind. Jus D’Amour was originally created by singer, songwriter, and performer Mercedes Ganon (her album is now available at, who developed this particular scent as a part of her own private fragrance collection. At the urging of friends and family who were already crazy about the scent themselves, Ganon decided to bottle and sell the sensuous mixture to the masses. Not surprisingly, this powerfully seductive scent has already garnered a very loyal following. Want to try it out for yourself? Jus D’Amour is now available for purchase at select retailers, including Lucky Scent, Scent Bar, Lavender Blue, R+D Hipster Emporium, Opensky, and on its website
Images courtesy of Jus D’Amour Perfume and Parfums Mercedes.


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