Honey Maid Responds to Hateful Messages

Honey Maid, the popular graham cracker brand, recently released a commercial titled “This is Wholesome” displaying diverse families enjoying their product. An interracial and same-sex couple were shown which sparked outrage among many people.
Check out the original commercial here.
Although there was also a positive response to this commercial, the negative comments being splattered across the web were too many to ignore. This commercial was meant to “celebrate all families”, as stated by a rep from Honey Maid. (Eonline)
In a twist of events, Honey Maid asked two artists to take all the negative comments received about the commercial and turn them into something positive. The true essence of what they did can only be experienced visually, check out the response video below.
Here’s the response video, truly beautiful.
Honey Maid, you are awesome. Thank you for taking the steps to transform negativity into positivity.

– by Amanda Sikoral

(Image courtesy of Eonline)

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