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Hues for Women of Color

Beauty is a vivacious industry: there are thousands of brands, thousands of recipes, and hundreds of things that could be perfect for you. The beauty box is an extremely popular product that gives a woman the opportunity to try new products and figure out what works for her. Makeup, soaps, lotions, and teas are just some of the things that one can find in a beauty box. Reducing product hoarding all while trying every product is a woman’s dream! However, a lot of companies don’t include women of color in that dream; the products don’t complement their skin, work well with their hair types, or reflect the diverse cultures amongst women of color. Worry no more, ladies, because we now have the HuesBox! 

A family-run business, sisters Jasmine and Janae along with their mother Robin Harris have created a box by women of color for women of color. Everything in their boxes is even created by companies run by people of color! They have realized that there is not only a need to have beauty products for African-American women, but for Native American women, Asian women, Hispanic women, and everyone in between.
For only $12 a month, the HuesBox features health, beauty, and wellness products. For example, Carol’s Daughter hair products, whipped shea butter, and herbal teas to name a few. If you find that a product works particularly well for you, then simply go to and order the full size! It’s that simple!
The HuesBox has found a niche that other companies have not yet explored, which gives them an edge. Not only will the HuesBox have success, but the companies that make the products will be catapulted into success along with them.
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Hues for Women of Color. Photos courtesy of: Celisia Stanton Photography

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