How GLOSSYBOX Curates Beauty Magic

Chatting with the lovely Britta Fleck, President & Managing Director of GLOSSYBOX USA, is swoon worthy, as you can’t help but fall in love with a company that clearly is initiative and thoughtful towards its clientele base, yet daring and adventurous for its own cause. The brand is innovative and wickedly intelligent in understanding what captures a beauty lover’s heart and soul. Don’t believe us? That’s okay—we’re still in awe of GLOSSYBOX’s ability to curate beauty magic, too.

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Cliché: We love GLOSSYBOX’s idea of incorporating iconic brands as well as niche brands. What are some of the iconic and niche brands we can expect to find in our boxes?
Britta Fleck: The most iconic ones for sure are Benefit Cosmetics, GLAMGLOW, Estee Lauder, and bareMinerals, whereas the niche brands are RITUALS, Emité, MDMflow, and NUXE, to name a few.
Speaking of niche brands, ironically, they’re becoming quite the trend nowadays. Did you make plans to incorporate niche brands into your packages knowing that it was going to become a trend, or was it due to the general desire to explore all areas within the beauty industry?
Our tagline is ‘Come discover beauty with us,’ so the desire to explore is definitely part of our DNA. Personally, I think that within most of the industries, the smaller brands are the innovative ones that drive trends simply because they are smaller and hence quicker to act. To discover niche brands is super exciting for me. However, it really is key to mix niche and iconic brands in order to create an amazing box composition.
The website also features a limited edition box from time to time. How do you decide what the next limited edition box will be?
We have two different versions of Limited Edition boxes: one is tied to a holiday/special occasion, such as Mother’s Day and Christmas, where you find a composition of six full-size products of different brands. The other variant is the mono brand editions, which only contain products of one very special brand.
GLOSSYBOX appears to be very meticulous in how they curate their packages. Generally, how is each box curated?
Oh yes, we are super selective when it comes to box curation. There is so much you have to keep in mind when composing the best box for each of our Glossies. I believe that composition is key—that’s why we put so much effort in it.
Is there a specific brand or beauty product that you love from GLOSSYBOX, and what is it you love about it?
I have so many; it’s very hard to pick only one. Rituals is definitely one of my favorite brands for body care. The shower foams smell divine. I can’t do without the blue mascara from Benefit Cosmetics (see next question) and GLAMGLOW’s Powercleanse is definitely the best cleanser I ever used.
Optimized-GLOSSYBOX Drawing of ProductsWith summer on the horizon, what are your go-to tips and/or beauty must-haves for the season?
My signature look is steel blue mascara, glossy blush, and, if I am in the mood, very bright red lipstick. Hey Honey’s Morning Serum is perfect for the lighter care routine, and I would never leave the house without using SPF. I am a big fan of a dewy complexion; matte doesn’t work for me. Fortunately during summer, that comes naturally due to humidity. I try to encourage everyone to use blue mascara, which instantly gives your eyes a wake-up kick. Same for the Vichy Thermal Water spray; I could never survive without it—and my kids believe it has magic powers. I become braver during summer when it comes to nail varnish and wear any kind of color to match or to accentuate my style. Add a touch of Bronze Goddess, my all-time favorite summer scent, and I am ready to face the heat!
What can we expect from the summer GLOSSYBOX’s?
A lot! The Fighting Pretty Limited Edition is super important to us as it is a charity box to support women battling cancer. You should also not miss our September Box, the most exciting box design of the year, created by an artist especially for our fashion edition. Actually, there are lots of great GLOSSYBOX’s coming our way this year!
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How GLOSSYBOX Curates Beauty Magic: Photos courtesy of  Camilo Villota and Glossybox

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