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Glossier is a phenomenal beauty brand inspired by real-life beauty in real-life women. The one-of-a-kind brand is all about embracing and enhancing natural beauty. Their motto, “We believe that beauty should be fun, easy, imperfect, and personal,” is applied to all of their quality products. The brand was created by Emily Weiss, founder of the popular site Into the Gloss. Weiss is an ambitious and creative woman who wanted to design a beauty brand made for real women she admired. After much researching, interviewing inspirational and strong women (from models to designers), testing, and scouring for the best-quality ingredients, Glossier was born with a set of products created for every woman out there.
Love Your Skin
The Glossier Phase 1 Set enables you to help perfect your skin and not conceal it. It’s all about enhancing what your momma gave you, ladies. Weiss and her Glossier team call the set’s products “skincare as makeup” for this very reason. The set includes everyday products made with you and your skin in mind. There is the Priming Moisturizer, Soothing Face Mist, Perfecting Face Tint, and Balm Dotcom. Asides from their attention-grabbing names, these products were created to replace the several you may have in order to give you a much more simple and effortless daily routine. Enriched with ingredients such as rose water, aloe, beeswax, diamond powder, and more, each product plays an important part in making your skin look its very best while allowing you to not feel overwhelmed or intimidated when using them. The set retails for $80 on and includes all four of the incredible products you will need to help rule your world.

The Green Juice
When not running off and doing all the fabulous things you do, Glossier recommends giving your skin a good pampering with their popular masks. If your skin is feeling a bit dirty, opt for The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, retailing at $22. Labeled “the green juice for your face,” its intact vitamins, nutrients, and skin-loving ingredients will have your skin feeling fresh and newly bloomed. It’s all about reviving it in a gentle and nourishing way. If your skin is feeling dry, the Moisturizing Moon Mask ($22) is for you. This mask helps bring the moisture back to your skin with honey and aloe, an oxygenating agent, hyaluronic acid, and more. Elasticity is restored into your skin along with a hydrating and smooth factor over any fine lines. Talk about skin heaven with these masks.

Real Beauty
Interested in Glossier just as much as we are? We’re positive you are! “Glossier is really an homage to all the people I admire, including Into The Gloss readers, and everything they’ve taught me,” says Weiss. “It should be, at any given point in time, an at-a-glance snapshot of beauty as it stands today, and I hope that it encourages girls to feel free and happy and OK with themselves, wherever they’re at in real life.”

It doesn’t get any more natural than that! Check out Glossier and snag your own set of products that will quickly become your must-grabs every morning. You can purchase the popular masks, Phase 1 set, and more at You’ll also be able to check out Glossier’s blog, g.IRL, which is filled with inspiration and more information on the products. Also, be sure to share your mask selfies with Glossier l via Instagram with the hashtag #glossier.
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Glossier Feature “The Touch of Beauty” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s April/May 2015 issue

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