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Ward off Sun Damaged Hair: 10 Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

You’ve been dreaming of pool parties, summer concerts, and ice-cold drinks on the patio all winter long. But with that comes to sun, sweat, and chlorine, which can wreak havoc on your hair.  Thankfully, you don’t have to stay indoors all summer long to protect your hair’s health. Take back control of your summer fun by taking a few easy steps to win the battle over sun-damaged hair.

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Let’s look at 10 tips for healthy summer hair.

1. Start with a Fresh Trim

One of the best ways to stop sun damaged hair in its tracks is to start off with healthy hair, to begin with.

To do that, head to your stylist for a trim. They will cut off any damaged ends that would turn into split ends later. And have those trims regularly to keep damage at bay.

Also, talk to them about how to care for your particular hair care needs this summer. They might suggest a haircut that’s easier to take care of.

2. Beat the Heat

You may enjoy all the warm vibes summer brings, but your hair will not. Especially when paired with extra heat from your styling tools.

Lay low on the curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryer. Try to let your hair air dry as much as possible.

But if you must use heat styling, keep the temperature low. Don’t go over medium heat on your blow dryer. And always prep with a heat protectant product.


3. Use Water First

Did you know your hair acts like a sponge when it gets wet? Open cuticles on your hair shaft soak more water in than you may realize. That includes all the chemicals and salt when you decide to jump into a pool or the ocean.  To stay ahead of the game, beat the water with water.  Rinse your hair with tap water before you go swimming or if you’re outdoors already, use bottled water.  The rinse will absorb into your hair, leaving little room for any damaging elements to soak in.

4. Your Hair (And Scalp) Needs Sunscreen Too

UVA and UVB rays can damage more than your skin. It not only damages your hair; it also oxidizes that expensive color job you love so much. That means bye bye color and more money spent on getting it redone.  Apply a deep conditioner that contains SPF protection. Or use an oil spray or sunscreen spray that’s made for your hair. Don’t forget to protect your scalp as well.  If all else fails, wear a hat or scarf as a cover-up.

5. Use Products That Protect

If you use hair styling products during the summer, get more bang for your buck by making it do double duty.

Of course, buy hair products that contain SPF protection. Hairsprays can fight summer frizz. Or a hair product such as a pomade can provide flexible hold while also keeping the hair conditioned.

Other perks can be heated protection and added shine. Be sure to read labels to get something that will not only style your hair but protect it as well.

6. Ease up on the Shampoo

During the summer, your scalp will get sweatier and greasier than normal. But try to resist the urge to shampoo daily. In fact, you shouldn’t shampoo more than every other day at the least.

That’s because washing your hair daily strips it of natural oils. These oils are essential to keeping your hair protected and from drying out.

Use a dry shampoo in-between washings instead. It will soak up any access to sweat and grease, plus it gives your hair added volume and texture.

7. Deep Conditioning

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Conditioning your hair is like giving it a big drink of water. So during this hot, dry season, really quench that thirst with a deep conditioning treatment.

Condition as you swim by applying a deep conditioning mask before you jump into the pool. Or let the sun work in your favor by applying the conditioner before heading outdoors. The heat will help intensify the treatment as you’re having fun in the sun.



8. Eat Healthy and Drink More Water

You’ve likely heard it all your life – put good things in, get good things out. The same holds true when it comes to your hair!

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