Fuller, Bolder Lashes

Fluttering your lashes never looked so good! Lashes this season are being amped up in a much more dramatic way, as per the usual with all trends in the fall. Hey, we’re not complaining; the bolder, the better! Fuller, bolder lashes were noted during the recent New York Fashion Week at top designer’s shows, including , Gucci, Prada, and Yves Saint Laurent. Models’ eyes were tightlined with liner, topped with mascara, and finished off with faux lashes, all of which created a sexy, smoldering look we are all ready to try. Of course, we’re not keeping this must-try trend to ourselves, but sharing it with you—our lovely readers! If you’re ready to make your eyes the center of attention, read on and see just how to achieve this eye fluttering look.

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First Thing’s First: Tightline
The key step in beginning this bold effect on your lashes is by tightlining your eyes with a dark brow pencil. That’s right; a brow pencil, not an eye pencil. The brow pencil creates a much more darker pigmentation and will be able to last longer. This is a little beauty tip just for you to have!
Tightlining may seem a bit intimidating at first with the fear of poking yourself in the eye (ouch!). Luckily, we know an easy way for you to get it down pat in no time. Grab your brow pencil and look down into your mirror while lifting your eyelid up slightly. Begin to line your inner, upper eye line by pressing the pencil along it and wiggling it out. This way, you won’t have to keep going back and reapplying it. Instead, you can just press and wiggle the shade out. Easy, right?

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On to the Next: Mascara
Always curl your lashes with your favorite lash curler before applying coats of mascara. It helps create more volume in your lashes and makes it easier to see each individual one when applying. Once they are curled, you can begin coating your lashes in as much mascara as you desire. Layer on your favorites or add multiple strokes of your number one favorite mascara. We’ve included a few of our favorites that we believe belong in the holy grail of mascaras ever to exist. You just might agree too if you try them out!

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Finishing Touch: Faux Lashes 
The last step in this bold look is the main dramatic factor—the faux lashes. Faux lashes can be a bit tricky at first when mastering the application technique, but once done a few times you easily can call yourself a pro. Pick out a pair of faux lashes that you personally love. Cut them to size if need be, apply lash glue on them, and use an eyebrow tweezer to get them as close as possible to your lash line, matching them up with your actual lashes.
You can then add another coat of mascara to blend everything in, or a bit of upper eyeliner to hide the faux lash line too. Tada! Faux lash fabulous! Your look is complete. Remember to take some selfies to share this gorgeous look on Instagram. We’re sure you’ll be turning heads and eyes with it.

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