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Today we want to share insightful tips on how to find the right perfume.  Finding the right perfume for yourself is not always an easy task. Sometimes, you have to go through a cross-section of different fragrances until you find the right choice. Don’t think of this as a task, but rather as an enjoyable and fun exploration. You are sampling pleasant-smelling perfumes, not disgusting unknown substances. Well, to make the ride easier, you can follow the guide below on how to find the right perfume for you.

Play A Quiz

Many fashion websites and online stores will let you play a quiz to try to identify which fragrances work best for you. Most of them are actually useful for helping you get closer to finding an ideal fragrance. These quizzes consider different elements such as your favorite smells and even your personality. Using the results, you get, you can compile a list of prospective fragrances you want to try out. Try out a couple. A single quiz shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes.

Understand The Perfume Language

As a newbie, you will be thrown at with a bunch of words that don’t make sense when you are finding the right perfume. Try to understand lingo such as the perfume types and the notes.

Perfume type

This is sometimes referred to as the concentration. It simply means the fragrance oil concentration of the perfume. you will come across five main perfume types. This includes parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, and eau de fraiche.

Best perfumes for men 2023 have a wide range of options, from musky to woody to floral. Parfum holds the most fragrance oil concentration of up to 30%. Keep in mind that because of its higher concentration. It tends to be the most expensive of all. Its concentration, based on the notes allows it to stay longer for up to 24 hours. Eau de parfum on the other end has a 15 to 20% concentration whilst eau de toilette has a 10 to 15% concentration.

Eau de parfum can last up to 8 hours whilst eau de toilette will stay for a couple of hours. Eau de cologne is mostly made for men. It offers a lighter variation of the fragrances and boasts a concentration of up to 5%. Eau de fraiche is sometimes known as fragrance water, body mist or aftershave. It’s great for refreshing and typically holds a concentration of 1 to 3%.

Perfume Notes

After identifying which perfume type, you may go for, you should then learn the notes. Perfume notes come in three distinct types, i.e. top notes, middle notes, and base notes. Top note is the strongest cheap perfume scent. It is normally the scent you smell when you first apply the perfume. it then fades within 15 minutes of application.

The middle note is what you smell next. It is sometimes referred to as the heart note because it is the body of the perfume. it stays intact for a couple of hours and when it dissipates, you will begin to smell the base note. The base note is the scent that lingers for the rest of the day until the perfume fully evaporates.

So think of it this way when you are choosing your favorite perfume. you have a top note of citrus, middle notes of raspberry and base note of jasmine. Let’s pretend you hate citrus smells and love floral scents. So you will begin with a scent you don’t like but after a few hours, you will enjoy the wonderful jasmine bliss.

However, many perfume makers focus their craft on the top notes because this is where they want to attract you. So always read through the perfume description and try it out, of course, to know what you are getting yourself into.

Learn the Different Scent Types

There are different signature scent types. You will notice the perfume sales lady asking you if you prefer woody or floral signature perfume. this is what they are referring to.

Aquatic notes

These notes are clean, crisp and fresh. A good example is the Davidoff Cool Water Fragrance.


Musk notes are characterized a clean and fresh just like aqua. However, with musk it like you are smelling clean laundry.


Citrus represents invigorating and energizing scents of lime, lemon, and oranges. Bergamot is also citrusy.


Green gives you a spring feeling. It’s wet but comfortable wet.


Fruity notes represent fruity characteristics sharp, fresh and tantalizing. Think of strawberries and pomegranate.


These notes incorporate floral scents such as lilies, roses, violets, and peonies.


Smoky notes feature earthy and burning notes of cedar chips and tobacco, just to name a few.


Woody scents are earthy, creamy and nutty. Think of scents of cedarwood, sandalwood, and patchouli.


Oriental notes integrate both spicy and sweet. Think incense sticks for example.

Start With Lighter Scents

When you are testing your fragrances begin with lighter scents first.  If you are trying out multiple scents start with light ones like aqua and musky scents then work your way up towards fruity, floral than woody scents. This is to ensure that the stronger scents don’t overpower the lighter ones. When you begin with the stronger ones you will have overworked your nose, making it difficult to truly pick up the lighter scents.

Try It Out

It is important to try the fragrance at the end of the day. This doesn’t mean simply smelling it and leaving the store but rather wearing it. It’s like you are test driving a car you want to buy. Remember, because of its three notes design, you cannot experience the whole perfume in 2 minutes or even 10 minutes. Thus, it is important to spray it on and experience it throughout the day.

If you are in a store, spray it on your inner wrist and elbow and keep smelling it throughout the day to really experience it. To make it more efficient if you want to test several fragrance options, spray them on different tester sticks and leave with them.  And if you shop online, order a sample, or if the notes appeal to you then just buy the whole perfume and test drive it. You can opt to go for the eau de toilette option rather than the eau de parfum option to save you a buck.  We h ope you enjoyed our tips on how to find the right perfume.

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