6 Awesome Celebrity Beauty Transformations

Celebrities: they’re just like us! Well, kind of. Everyone cringes a little bit when forced to look at pictures from junior high that are chock-full of overly-plucked brows, poorly straightened hair, and foundation two shades too dark. Lucky for us, nobody can Google those images. But perhaps unluckily for celebrities, we can Google their junior high images! Beauty transformations are so fascinating, always reflecting a shift in age, a shift in style, or a shift in colloquial beauty trends. Here are six celebrities who have gone through beauty transformations, big or small, and are looking better than ever today.


Rita Ora

Ora has drastically changed up her beauty game over the past few years. She’s said goodbye to overly-bleached hair and bold and dramatic eye makeup and is now seen going with a low-maintenance, low-fuss look. Where we used to see brightly colored lips and dramatically filled-in brows, we now see her rocking nude eye shadows, glossy lips, and a generally “no makeup” makeup routine. Her caramel-colored locks are usually seen styled in beachy, carefree waves or tied up in a loose ponytail.

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