The Must-Have Makeup for the Summer Heat

Once the temperature begins to rise from 40 to 100 degrees, we know that a full face of makeup look can quickly become a thing of the past. With the heat and humidity peaking during the summer, wearing foundation, false lashes, or any type of makeup for that matter can feel like way too much. So what’s a beauty babe supposed to do when she wants to beat her face like no tomorrow, yet not have her hard work melt off by the end of the day? Well, welcome to the water world, beauty babes. Keep your makeup perfectly in place, no matter how hot it may be, with products that have one very important description: waterproof. From Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Rouge Lipsticks to Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, these cosmetics are just as bright and long-lasting as the sun’s rays on a hot summer day while on land or in water. Think colorful eyes, bold lips, dewy complexions, and bronzed finishes; you’ll be the epitome of mermaid goals with these go-to beauty picks for summer time.

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“The Must-Have Makeup for the Summer Heat” originally appeared as “Mermaid Goals” in Cliché Magazine’s June/July 2016 issue. Featured image courtesy of Sephora

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