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Anthony Pazos: his name might ring a bell, and when it does, the word that follows suit is usually hair. Pazos has graced the world with his artistry in hair and makeup with clients such as Khloe Kardashian and Leighton Meester, and you have probably also seen him on WeTV’s hit show LA Hair. Below, he gives us his best hair tips and celebrity insiders!

_Fav Anthony-8080 v2Cliché: What’s the biggest hair trend this summer on both the East and West coast?
Anthony Pazos: Undone, messy, and beachy. Whether it’s a ballerina bun or braid, the key is undone. Leave it messy, maybe some redefining, but the main idea is not trying too hard to be FABULOUS!
What’s the toughest part about trying to remain on top in Hollywood as a hair stylist?
There’s so much competition. Everyone is very talented, so what do you do to set yourself apart from the rest? Have a positive energy. What sets you apart is your positive attitude. On LA Hair, I play such a nasty bitch, but in real life, I’m such a nice guy.
Which celebrity’s hair gives you the most room to play with?
Funny story! I worked with Leighton Meester before she got the role in Gossip Girl. She’s naturally blonde, and I gave her the idea to borrow a brunette wig for her audition. Then she decided to dye it! My favorite is Khloe Kardashian; her personality is so fun. She’s very real and so exciting to work with.
What’s a trick to keeping locks moisturized, especially with the summer sun and beach?
Don’t shampoo it often, and when you do, use a moisturizing shampoo. Stay away from mousses and gels and anything with alcohol since that is super drying on a hair type that is characteristically dry. Use hair serums and leave-in conditioners. My favorite is Bounce Back Hair Cream by Kim Kimble beauty. Oils and creams are key!
What’s a trick for getting rid of excess crunch and dryness after a dip in the ocean?
That’s so funny because oftentimes girls want that texture! Brush it out ends to root (this softens the hair) and spray it with regular water. You’ll have beachy, sexy hair, but more tamed.
How has your life changed at all due to your show La Hair on WeTV?
It hasn’t been a bad change! I’m more likely to have haters and criticism, but I never listen to the haters. I don’t mind being recognized; it’s actually kind of nice.
What’s something you wish more women did in relation to hair care?
Come in and get bimonthly or monthly hair trims. Girls always say they want long hair, but it gets ratty. Get a trim and invest in good hair products. It doesn’t have to be name brand; there are good drugstore ones, too! If you’re going to spend to style it, spend to care for it, too.
Where do you wish to see your career in 10 years?
In ten years, I want to have a number of places throughout the country—a bunch of salons that cater to everyone, not just one group of people, like for those with lower and higher income.
What do you predict for the fall in terms of hair and style?
Oh, that’s an easy one! Darker. Everyone will start going dark again and chopping it off to around a shoulder length cut or shorter. I don’t know why, but it always happens.
Anthony Pazos Interview: Photographs ©Starla Fortunato

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