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DIY DYE Book Review

We all get that sudden urge for change, to just get up and go, be daring, and change our style. The main thing people do when they seek a change is to drastically color or cut their hair. Unfortunately, not all us can shave our heads or dye our hair without regret or second thoughts. But there’s no need to stress, because Loren Lankford’s new book, DIY DYE, has all the answers to your impulsive and bold hair dyeing questions. In this DIY DYE book review, we give you our favorite hair dyeing tips. Whether you are on a budget or love trying new products and brands, the author has come to help with a step-by-step process of achieving fun colored hair.

Lankford, a lady that loves dyeing her hair and has had her hair dyed literally every color, gives readers some great suggestions and tips on the safest ways to dye our precious locks. From using household products such as food coloring and tea bags, to henna and unsweetened Kool-Aid, DIY DYE makes dyeing hair a fun hobby. For those of us who are afraid of commitment (myself included), I enjoy the colored chalk DIY dye that only lasts a few washes. This fun book even has directions on how to make your own DIY colored hairsprays and glitter hair gel. If you aren’t into full coloring you can try highlighting your tresses with natural ingredients such as cinnamon, lemon juice, and chamomile.
This book will leave you frantically inspecting your cabinets for some DIY hair products! My favorite example was the awesome rainbow colored hair that looked just as amazing in a braid as it does down. It’s time to change up that mane and get your hands on DIY DYE. Like the book says, it has “the best concoctions to get hair ‘to dye for’.

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