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5 Trendy Hair Colors to try in 2019

5 Trendy Hair Colors to try in 2019

Are you bored with your current look? Have you been feeling like it’s time to make a change and switch things up a bit? Changing your hair color is one of the most effective ways to completely reinvent yourself. Here are 5 trendy hair colors to try in 2019.

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Raven Black

Raven black hair has swiftly been growing in popularity this past year, especially in Asia where it’s definitely one of the 5 trendy hair colors to try in 2019.  This isn’t just regular black, but very deep, almost blue black, like the mysterious bird. This deep shade of black can give you an alluring, elusive, almost dangerous mystique, like a femme fatale or a mystical vampire. It’s not as easy as you might think to nail this hair color. For foolproof raven black hair, consider wearing True Glory Hair instead of dyeing your own natural tresses.

The key to rocking raven black hair is shine, and lots of it. True Glory Hair is made of real, high quality hair with a beautiful gloss and high shine. Choose from their wide range of Indian or Brazilian hair extensions, and you can instantly transform your look without spending a fortune or putting in much effort. True Glory Hair offers great deals on their hair extensions and bundles, so be sure to browse their website for a hair bundle that suits you perfectly.


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Ever since Pantone announced Living Coral as their color of the year for 2019, this bright, juicy color has been popping up absolutely everywhere, from clothes to makeup to hair color. This punchy color is a cross between pink and orange, and the perfect hue to wear for spring.

Don’t be intimidated by its brightness. You can go for a more understated look by choosing an ombré or gradient hair style, or opting for more muted shades of coral. The best thing about this hair color is that it suits a wide variety of skin tones, from very pale to very dark. It also has a great brightening effect on your complexion, so you can look healthier and more youthful.


This pretty pastel color can be tricky to pull off if you don’t choose the right shade for your skin’s undertone. However, get it right, and you can enjoy a thoroughly modern, fashion forward look that would be considered one of the 5 trendy hair colors to try in 2019.

Don’t be mistaken, just because it’s a pastel color doesn’t mean it has to be cutesy or childish. Pairing pale peach hair with sharp, tailored clothes in classy neutrals can give you a very sophisticated, cosmopolitan vibe.

For a softer, more feminine look, stock up on flowy floral dresses in soft fabrics and nail the ethereal beauty style.

Ash Blonde

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This isn’t a new color, but it’s still going strong in 2019. As opposed to the laidback, beach-girl vibe of golden and strawberry blonde hair, ash blonde hair is decidedly urban and edgy. Pair this color with a blunt bob or stick straight hair and you’ll look like the ultimate stylish city girl.


Naturally red hair is gorgeous and attractive, especially since it’s so rare. Turn heads by dyeing your hair an eye catching shade of flame red. Like peach and ash blonde, it can be tricky to choose the right shade of red that will complement your skin tone, so be sure to consult a trustworthy stylist before taking the plunge. This shade of hair is definitely not for the faint hearted, but for the confident, self-assured woman who feels comfortable being in the spotlight.

Whatever color you decide to dye your hair, the key to successfully transforming yourself is to wear your new look with confidence. That, and be sure to maintain your hair and care for it properly to keep it healthy and strong, and to make your new hair color last as long as possible.

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