Feeling Beautiful and Looking Beautiful with RealHer

It’s safe to say most beauty companies advertise on the philosophy that “if you look good, you will feel good.” Who doesn’t feel like they can take on the world the second after they swipe on their favorite lipstick, or when they got their winged eyeliner perfect on the first try? As a beauty enthusiast myself, I admit a good hair day or a little extra mascara goes a long way when I’m feeling down, but I know the other way around is just as true: if you feel good, your natural beauty will shine through.


And that’s where beauty brand RealHer comes in. This beauty brand is all about celebrating your natural beauty from the inside out and embracing women of all ethnicities and backgrounds. This starts even before you put on their cruelty-, paraben-, and sulfate-free products: with their packaging. Empowering phrases like “I Love Myself” and “I Am Beautiful” are printed across their lip glosses and makeup brushes, but the phrases “I Will Succeed” and “I Am Unstoppable” also struck a chord with me. It was refreshing to see a brand focus not only on how you look on the outside, but how you feel about yourself on the inside. When I read those phrases, my face lit up, and I could truly understand that feeling beautiful was the first step to looking beautiful.

“I created this brand for my daughter,” says RealHer founder Bill Xiang. “I want to be her role model; I want to work hard for our brand to give her the best influence from a father. I try to build the brand to influence women the way I would want any company to inspire my daughter: inspire her to become independent, successful, and fulfilled, without telling her she isn’t enough.”

Here, we chat with Xiang about what inspires his philosophy, the importance of using natural ingredients in his products, and what’s to come.

Founder Bill Xiang and his daughter, Yarie

Cliché: According to, the birth of your daughter inspired you to start your brand. How old is she now? Is she involved in the brand at all, or do you hope she will be in the future?
Bill Xiang: Yarie is 4 years old; I want her to get involved as early as possible! At our home office, Yarie plays with our makeup and she really likes to put the lipsticks all over her face, not just on her lips. She’ll learn how to use it very soon though, since she is so closely involved in the cosmetic industry. I’m hoping that she will take over RealHer in the future and continue our mission of changing the world and making it a better and more supportive place for women.

Why was it important for you to formulate cosmetics that are cruelty-, paraben-, and sulfate-free? Do you think more women should be concerned with what is in their makeup products?
As far as formula is concerned, the most important things to me are natural ingredients, high-end quality, and innovation. We try to use as many natural ingredients as possible. We use the most cutting edge, innovative, and advanced technologies and formulations available. We also want to create a brand that is synonymous with nourishing, luxe, cruelty-free formulas. There are no harmful chemicals and no testing on animals—all things that millennial consumers have come to expect in a good makeup brand.

Of your range of products, do you have a favorite?
I like our moisturizing lipstick the most. I know that in recent years, a matte finish has been trending, but our satin finish moisturizing lipstick is truly the most moisturizing lipstick! In order to achieve this formula, we tested numerous technologies and were able to incorporate actual water to achieve the hydration factor, which is a common challenge for makeup manufacturers. This formula has the perfect balance of hydration, pigmentation, and long-wear.  

The RealHer team is currently working at our office in Irvine to create many new products! I am very excited for the products that will be launched in the upcoming year because our team created the new products together; everyone input their thoughts. It feels great when we are able to produce a product with each team member’s input.

We love the Do Your Squats eyeshadow palette! Can you offer any tips for a day and night look using that palette?
For a day look: Use “Admired” on your brow bone. This matte cream color will highlight your eyes. For a softer/fresh look, use “Strive” on your lid. This rose gold shimmer will freshen up your look. For a more vibrant look, we recommend spraying your eyeshadow brush with your favorite setting spray prior to applying your shimmery shadow color. This will give a better payoff of the color and a bolder look.

For a night look: Use “Beloved” on your crease as a transition color. Apply “Admired” on your brow bone. This matte cream color will highlight your eyes. Use “Dreams” on the outer part of your eyes to deepen the look and give you more definition. Next, apply “Determined” on your lid for an eye-catching smokey look. Proceed to smudge “Dreams” on your bottom lash line and complete the look with your favorite lashes and eyeliner on your waterline.

Can you tell us about the newest products you just released?
We recently released our Metallic Liquid Lipstick collection with 3 shades: Be You, Be Bold, and Be Brave. Be You is a Royal Plum, Be Bold is a Burnt Orange, and Be Brave is a Rich Rose. The lightweight formula glides onto lips, leaving them wrapped in lustrous color and rich pigment while melting into a soft matte metallic finish.

We also just launched a 3 shade Blush Kit. We are excited to be working on formulating many new products that will be launching in the upcoming year and continuing to create products that are natural, vegan and cruelty-free.

Can we look forward to RealHer at any events coming up?
We plan on attending Beauty expos such as IMATS, Cosmoprof, and Beautycon in the upcoming year.

RealHer also donates 20% of all gross profits to the American Association of University Women (AAUW) to help support young girls and women everywhere.

Visit to learn more and use code CLICHEMAG at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase!

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Feeling Beautiful and Looking Beautiful with RealHer: Photographs courtesy of RealHer

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