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Sarah Rosado is not your average artist. Similar to many artists, she has found a way to tell stories through her innovative art. She is a self-taught artist who wants her pieces to be seen and remembered. With passion and creativity, Rosado is taking your favorite musical artists and making breakfast that much more fun.


Ariana Grande

Cliché: When did you decide to work with cereal to create art?
Sarah Rosado: Actually, I had no planned idea to work with cereal to create art.  I would have to say that it was spontaneous.  One day, while eating my usual plate of cereal and listening to my favorite music, the idea popped up that I can do something with this using the image of my favorite artists with the cereal.
What was your first piece?
My first piece was Michael Jackson. I was pretty surprised with the results, which served to feed my appetite to do more and more.

Michael Jackson

Did you always know you wanted to be an artist?
Yes. My uncle, who was an artist, was my biggest inspiration and mentor throughout my life. I spent a lot of time with him talking about art, listening to his tips and advice. A month before he passed, he sent me a long email in response to an email I sent him with all my work.  He told me how impressed he was at how much I had improved through the years. 
Are you currently studying?
No, I am not currently studying.  I am a self-taught artist, who, through the years, has worked really hard at perfecting my skill. I have had several influences; the first being my uncle, who encouraged and mentored me for years until he passed away two years ago; and other artists whose work I admire greatly for their creativity, which have influenced me to create and challenge myself with different ideas for my art projects.


Who are your major influences?
Well I grew up listening to John Legend, Madonna, Freddie Mercury and some of today’s hottest music because they’re all my favorite. I choose those specific artists because their songs are so meaningful.


Do you create in other mediums or other forms of art?
I am always brainstorming on creating new ideas and have already used dirt, cereal and other mediums for my artwork.  I also use photography as a different form of art.
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Sarah Rosado Interview: Artwork and photographs courtesy of Sarah Rosado

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