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HanifannDaniel_CMYKThe humble and creative artist Daniel Hanifan knows a thing or two about visual design. Using a mix of different mediums, Hanifan has created interested works of art that are sure to spark various emotions in his viewers. Below, we chat with the artist about his creative process, inspiration, and how his work has evolved over time.

Cliché: Tell us a little about yourself.
Daniel Hanifan: I grew up in Michigan, attended U of M, and eventually relocated to warmer climate in Georgia, on the Florida line. The warmer weather and art had appealed to me while growing up. After years in the entertainment industry, I decided to stop traveling and settle in a small town. Creating art was my real passion since I was a child.

Describe your creative process.
My creativity has been in many areas through the years, but working with oils, acrylics, glass, and a number of other materials has been exciting. The initial plan is in place, but the process takes on its own life. Mixing materials that don’t mix, applying them to a surface, and watching what develops is the real excitement as it transforms slowly during the drying process. Only after many hours later do I see the end result.

What or who do you draw inspiration from?
I draw my inspiration from within. It’s a spiritual journey and I always work alone in silence. It’s a very personal experience and the work talks to me during this process. I am just the vehicle that delivers the work as sometimes I cannot work large enough nor fast enough to create these pieces of work. The viewer who attends one of my exhibitions will see and feel something that may even resonate a higher sense of awareness and touch a deeper meaning within them. Not everyone sees the same thing and that’s the beauty of my work.

Do you think your art has evolved over time?
I think my work is ever evolving, even changing just as time and space. I never create the same thing twice; there’s so much I want to put out there, just not enough time to create all I want to share with others.

Are you working on anything for the near future?
I am always working continuously on several projects at the same time, even if it’s creating specific artwork to fit an interior designer’s vision or designing works for future exhibitions. There’s clearly a need for creativity in our lives and I am so very fortunate to be able to share my talents with those who enjoy art on all levels. Those who have seen my work on display in public spaces, art exhibitions, or in private collections can feel energy, emotions, and possibly a higher sense of awareness… knowing it really is a “Daniel Hanifan Experience.”

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Daniel Hanifan Interview: Photographs courtesy of Daniel Hanifan

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