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New Series Line Up

It’s that time of year again where we get a sneak peek at the new shows that will be hitting our television sets. Some look good, some look awful, and some are ify. Here is a breakdown of some of the new series out this year.
First up to bat is the Muppet Show on ABC. Yes, we all knew that the show had been coming for some time. What we didn’t know was what kind of style it would be going for. Would it be like the old series? Would it be something different? Would it cater to children or be in the middle so that both adults and kids could watch the show? I don’t think anyone alive thought the series would feature a new pig girlfriend for our favorite frog while being a parody of reality TV. I’ll get my popcorn ready for the pig-on-pig throw-down that is sure to come out of this.


Fox’s New series Scream Queen ad

Fox’s Scream Queens: The series that focuses on a sorority that is being killed off by a masked figure. The girls must look into their past to find out why this red devil is out for their blood. While there may be countless great horror queens in this show, it hardly seems interesting to me. I wasn’t a fan of Black Christmas, Sorority Row 1 and 2, and other slasher films based on sorority life. I doubt I’ll be a fan of this, but if you’re into that genre of horror clichés, this is the series for you.
NBC’s Blindspot centers on a tattooed woman being found in a bag in the middle of the street with no memories of who she is or where she came from. Her tattoos are clues needed to stop crimes from happening as she and the FBI agent working with her try to figure out who she is and why she was sent to him. Also, she’s like a female Jason Bourne. She reads/speaks different languages, and can fight Matrix-style if she wanted to.
Minority Report has been made into a TV series, and it looks amazing. It will be set about 10 years after the film. It will focus on a male precog, a being that could see elements of future crimes but never the whole picture, as he helps a female cop save lives with his visions. What makes this series worth watching is that it’s set in the same world as the movie, which offered great insight into its own unique criminal world. There was removal of eyes, interesting weapons, and so on. Minority Report will have all these great toys to use and chances to focus on criminals we haven’t even dreamed about for this new world. It will air on Fox, so if you like it, watch religiously, because Fox is known to cancel a good series (Firefly, Arrested Development…) before it even has a chance to gain a footing.

CW’s new series Containment banner as seen on their official Facebook site.

For those that enjoy a good viral outbreak, there’s the CW’s Containment to look forward to. Not only is this a series about the struggle for survival, but it deals with a city on lock-down. Unlike Under the Dome, this series will look at both those inside the lock-down zone and outside of it as they struggle to deal with the virus that has no cure or survivors. Oh, and the virus seems to be passed by touch, something most humans do everyday without thinking. So, this is going to be one of those interesting shows that force you to rethink your life a bit.
NBC’s Heartbreaker focuses on a female heart surgeon, which is awesome, because there aren’t many female heart surgeons out there, both in fiction and real life. She’s strong, doesn’t take crap from anyone, and reminds me a bit of House. She’ll break the rules if needed to save lives, but she’s not a bitter, broken person. It promises to be a very powerful series. In fact, the trailer made me tear up at the end. This is a must-see for all those who love medical dramas.

ABC’s new series the Catch Banner as seen on the official Facebook page

ABC’s The Catch comes from the same woman that gave us Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. The woman that chases down con artists and thieves finds out that the man she was going to marry has been conning her the whole time. He’s taken all her money and played her for a fool. Now this woman scorned is done playing nice and ready to get even.
NBC’s The Player  isn’t about a man sleeping with a bunch of women or any kind of rom-com. This is an action show about a guy that becomes part of a trio who gamble on crime. Wealthy people bet on if the “player,” played by Philip Winchester, can stop a given criminal. The “dealer” is tasked with aiding the player in his game. Bonus: Wesley Snipes will play the pit-boss and he looks as amazing as ever.
But if you’re looking for a comedy, NBC has People are Talking. This little comedy is about two couples from different backgrounds as they go through the struggles of life. In the opening episode, one couple hires a hot nanny who may or may not have been a porn star and deals with the awkwardness of that issue.
Fox’s Grandfathered features John Stamos as a playboy, restaurant owner who finds out he has a son (Josh Peck) and a granddaughter one day. This turns his whole life upside down, as he learns to be a father and grandfather and struggles to keep his old lifestyle, while helping his new family through life.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Banner as seen on the sites Facebook page.

CW’s new series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend pretty much speaks for itself. A woman (Rachel Bloom) sees Josh, the love of her life and her ex-boyfriend from a summer camp she went to 10 years prior, and packs up her things to move to another state, because that’s where he was moving. She has her heart set on winning him back, girlfriend or not, and has a habit of singing her thoughts/feelings. Score.
The Flash and Green Arrow create a team of superheroes to help save the world in CW’s DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. Members of the team include, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, White Canary (formerly Black Canary), The Atom, Captain Cold and Heatwave (Yes, those bad guys are possible good guys now)  join forces to stop Savage with the help of a time traveling brit. They will travel through time, not space (this isn’t Doctor Who), to stop Savage’s evil throughout history.
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