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Most artists wouldn’t appreciate someone pouring hot coco onto their work to sip up on a cold winter’s night, but Michelle Summers is an exception. In fact, this Minneapolis-based ceramic artist encourages it, stating on her blog, “I most enjoy explaining to my customers that if they don’t use their newly purchased pots like the creator intended them for (eating and drinking), I WILL NO LONGER SELLITH MY GOODS TO THEE.” Summers’ work may be intended for daily use, but it’s easy to see why her customers would rather display her pottery in their homes than risk having it shattered on a kitchen floor from soapy hands. Her pottery appears delicate with most of her technique featuring faint, subtle lines, softly contrasted colors and whimsical shapes and characters, but I personally wouldn’t let that stop me from laying out my breakfast table with her art.


I first stumbled upon Summers’ work under the art tag on Pinterest, where I instantly fell in love and planned on purchasing her dishes for my “future home.” However, I was met with disappointment when the link that led me to her Etsy shop revealed that this artist has currently closed shop. After some further research on my part (since I was oh so smitten with her mugs) I found her blog, where she explained her current predicament; selling at local venues proved to be more prosperous than online sales, not to mention that Summers is a grad student while also trying to adjust to a new life in a new city. So unless one lives in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, does this mean there are no chances of acquiring such beautiful dishware? Not exactly. Summers also humbly admits on her blog that she is as interested in making profit off of her hard work as any college grad, so she may open up her Etsy shop once again when time and demand allows it. Until then, I and the rest of you will have to await that day patiently.

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