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Want S’more Summer Reading?

Here are some page turning, finger-licking good fiction and motivational nonfiction titles to check out before the summer’s over. Happy reading!
skinnySkinny by Donna Cooner
Price: $14.69 (on Amazon)
Publisher: Point
Every girl has thought about her body and we all have some imperfection that we torment ourselves about, but not everyone can compare their insecurities to those of a 15-year-old girl named Ever. Since her mother died when she was little, Ever turned to food for therapy. By the time she turned 15, Ever weighed over 300 pounds. To add insult to injury, Ever’s father remarried and she has to live with her stepmom and her two beautiful, skinny stepsisters. To deal with the horrors of high school and the drama at home, Ever has her trusty, everpresent cruel conscience, appropriately named Skinny, and her best friend Rat. Skinny whispers what Ever is sure everyone says about her behind her back. When Ever decides to undergo a dangerous gastric bypass surgery, Skinny’s voice begins to crumble along with the rest of Ever’s life—unless she can find the voice within herself.
gonegirlGone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Price: $10.93 (on Amazon)
Publisher: Crown
Although the first five years of marriage have been great, Nick and Amy Dunne have hit a few too many bumps along the way. Most recently, both of them have lost their New York City writing jobs within the past year and have moved out of their Brooklyn Brownstone, back to Nick’s hometown in Missouri. On the day of their fiveyear anniversary, Nick comes home to find Amy gone. The teakettle is whistling on the stove, the iron is warm in the bedroom, the living room has been torn to pieces, and the front door is wide open. Nick immediately calls the police and begins an investigation to find his wife, but as the hunt for Amy evolves, more and more clues point back to Nick.
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling
Price: $7.09 (on Amazon)
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
You know her best as Kelly Kapoor from the hit sitcom The Office, but Mindy Kaling is so much more than just the Indian girl next door…or is she? In this hilarious account of Kaling’s life as an American-Indian, we learn about her unique perspective on friendships, relationships, family, and fame.The next time you’re feeling lonely, pour yourself a glass of wine, cuddle up, and read Kaling’s hilarious anecdotes and observations on life. It’s sure to cheer you up!
divergentDivergent by Veronica Roth
Price: $3.97 (on Amazon)
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
In a fictional, futuristic world humanity is split into five different factions, each valuing a certain quality above all others: Amnesty, Dauntless, Erudite, Candor, and Abnegation. These five factions work together to keep peace and survive. When children turn 16, they must determine which faction they’re best suited for. These children must make a choice to either leave their family and the faction they have known forever, or choose a new faction to be initiated into. Beatrice (Tris) has been selflessly raised as Abnegation and must make this heartbreaking decision, but during initiation, trouble begins to brew within the factions. Tris must now make choices that could save or destroy everyone she loves.

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