Afrodite by MG, When art and Sustainability Comes Together


Afrodite by MG is an artistic and sustainable jewelry brand, and we are presenting our first collection “Heirlooms” with hand-carved art-jewelry made in Italy.

Afrodite by MG has been founded in Oslo by the two young entrepreneurs, Malin Benneche Gulsrud and Oda Victoria Reitan. The Norwegians met while studying Art History in Rome. They are both passionate about culture, art, aesthetics, marble sculptures and travels, and have tried to merge their passions into beautifully crafted jewels.

afroditeAs a result of the adoration of art and beauty, every piece of jewelry is created based on the combination of Scandinavian design and the cultural heritage of ancient history. The brand above all unites the characteristics of the goddess Afrodite: love, beauty, mystery, and passion, into their unique jewelry. In the collection “Heirlooms”, the materials and shapes were inspired by the Greek goddess Afrodite. The mother of pearl cameo is a tribute to her sculptural female curves, the pearls represent her origin and the gold reflects her divinity.

The manufacturing process takes place in Italy, which represents excellent quality and exceptional craftsmanship. The cameos are carved in Torre del Greco, Napoli, a city known for their tradition of creating cameos. The jewelry is put together in Piemonte, another renowned region for its excellent craftsmanship.

By having the pieces made in Italy, the brand also makes sure that the factories are both socially and environmentally sustainable.

Afrodite by MG means exclusive jewelry made with respect for craftsmanship, sustainable process, and deep connection with art and history.

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