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EverythingOShauN Releases New Single “WOJ”


Rapper EverythingOShauN releases his new single “WOJ” produced by frequent collaborator Xpress aka DJXP. On this record OShauN displays his lyrical abilities, desire to express his creativity and drive to make an impact as an artist.  When speaking on the inspiration EverythingOShauN tells us: “WOJ is a confident record that we created to express ourselves. WOJ (Adrian Wojnarowski, ESPN Insider) is always familiar with the ins and outs of sports and is the trusted source that everyone refers to for the inside scoop on the ever-changing sports landscape. I look at myself in the same way and as a sports fan who constantly watches Woj’s feed, it made perfect sense to use his name as a backdrop for a song just talking about me trying to move and shake things in this music industry.” – EverythingOShauN 

About EverythingOShauN

EverythingOShauN was born to immigrant parents of Nigerian and Jamaican descent, widely regarded as two of the most influential nations of the world. With Bob Marley and Fela Kuti being the music forefathers along with the influence of the Toronto sound, EverythingOShauN naturally brings a blend of melodic, bold and carefully thought out soundtracks. These sounds are pulled from his determination, his aspirations and deep reflection with the help of producer and brother, Xpress aka DJXP.EverythingOShauN started the year 2020 off to a running start and did not slow down. Tracks like Come and See & Queen, Odinma & Worldwide lead up to the Maybe It’s Nothing Maybe It’s Everything album release in November to which OShauN hit the 1Million Stream mark before the year ended. For 2021, EverythingOShauN released the mellow Nothing Is Stopping Everything EP and that is only the beginning. Expect more, soon.

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