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Stress-Free Wedding Planning Guide for a Bride

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Today we want to share with you a stress free wedding planning guide for a bride. Hiring a wedding planner for your big day is one of the best decisions to make. They take the burden off you and help you get the best bargain. But many couples prefer getting involved in their wedding planning. For some, it could be a matter of working with a tight budget, but others aim for personalization.

Whatever category you fall under, wedding organization is overwhelming, with so much to do. You must balance your work, life, lists, tasks, deadlines while staying healthy. Never forget to pace yourself and make every decision with your beloved. If you are at a loss on where to begin, that’s why we are here to help. Here are some wedding planning tips on how to plan the wedding of your dreams.

Get inspiration for your bridal look

wedding planning guide for a bride

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Every bride plans to “knock their socks off” and be the center of attention. So, create a mood/vision board early enough on platforms like Pinterest or save ideas on Instagram. But first, you must have an idea of your ensemble and palette as it makes selection easier. Turn to your favorite bridal pages on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. Search blogs and magazines to see trending wedding fashion and the latest wedding beauty tips for your bridal look.

Create a realistic wedding budget and never deviate

The amount of money you can spend determines your budget and wedding. So, creating a realistic budget ranks top of the things to do for a wedding. Get the contributors involved to decide how much they will chip in for the wedding. If you want to foot the bill, then you have an even better understanding of the situation. Do a market survey and allocate costs to each task. Leave room for some flexibility and prioritize the essentials and non-essentials. Work with your partner and leave room for miscellaneous expenses. Stick to your budget, and you’ll be fine.

Put your ideas together

Get organized and put your ideas together by creating a wedding planning checklist. It can be writing pads, Google docs, Microsoft word, spreadsheets, or a printable option from the internet like Wedding Happy. When you’ve done this, combine these tasks into a master checklist that you can always reference. The checklist, helps you keep track of your budget and expenses, completed tasks, and things to do.

Sort out your guest list

wedding planning guide for a bride

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The amount of money you spend on a wedding depends on how many guests you invite. And sorting out your guest list can be complicated. It is often an issue of who to invites or leave out. On this matter, you will confer with your spouse to be and family. Everyone will draw up a list of guests that they want to be present. Slice the guest list and create a master list. Choose your guests based on the strength of the relationship you share.

Opt for an “on-site” wedding

You probably don’t know where to start planning a wedding, especially without a professional around. Consider an on-site wedding to help ease the planning process. The venue you hired will have a selection of vetted vendors that know the location layout than anyone. If you are lucky, there could be a coordinator on-site to oversee things. This saves you from spending hours sourcing and hiring vendors, and the rates may be affordable.

Garner some experience

It is crucial to gather some experience before you start planning your nuptials. And the wedding of another person can act as a template of how to plan your own wedding. The best way to gain experience is by talking to a new couple who hosted a wedding you loved. They learned some hacks, tips, and tricks, made mistakes, and still wowed you as a guest. The couple would be glad to share these warnings and insights so that you can mitigate potential errors.

Be intentional about hiring vendors


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The best wedding plan is one accomplished only by the best vendors. They are powerful enough to make or mar your big day, and you don’t want that to happen. So don’t rush when hiring vendors. Explore all the options at your disposal until you can assemble a team that understands your vision. Another important fact is to ensure that they work within your budget while giving you the best services. The most crucial of all is that you must only work with people that make you comfortable. This way, the tasks run like a well-oiled engine.

Know when to take a timeout

The people who plan weddings will tell you that this task is beyond the physical. It eats into your emotions, requiring sacrifice and a laser-sharp focus. So if you opted to be hands-on, remember to take a break. Listen to your body and obey when it needs to rest. Learn to get away somewhere, which could be local. Rest and rejuvenate because a happy bride makes the day brighter.

We have outlined and discussed the perfect wedding planning guide for a bride. Follow this guide for a stress-free affair while accomplishing much at your own pace.

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