Shonda-land: #TGIT Returns

ABC’s #TGIT is back this week with the return of the Shonda-land. With a powerhouse line up of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder, your Thursday is sorted.  In case you forgot, lets have a quick recap of where our favorite characters left off, shall we? (Warning: spoilers ahead!)

Grey’s Anatomy

Last season ended on a low as our hearts were ripped from our chests and stomped on following the tragic death of Derek Shepherd. (A moment of silence, please.) So, what will life at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital be like without McDreamy? The cast teases that Grey’s is about to go in a much lighter direction, both in story and shot. Ellen Pompeo revealed that Season 12 will be reminiscent of the earlier seasons of the long running show.
Still, how is Meredith coping as a working single mother of three? My guess is she will struggle, which is the perfect excuse Christina Yang to make her epic return. Of course, Sandra Oh‘s return is just speculation, but it would make for a great character arc. Plus, isn’t it Yang’s duty as Mer’s ‘person’ to be there to help her heal? Yang can leave her fancy hospital in Switzerland for a week or two; it will be fine.
With the MerDer story-line closed, which was a driving force of the show since it started, I think season 12 will provide some space to really explore stories with other characters at the forefront. What will happen with Karev and Wilson? Will Jackson and April work through their problems? Will Bailey finally become chief of surgery? We’ll soon see!


When we last saw our favorite Fixer, and her envy-inducing closet, she was being twirled around the balcony of the White House by President Grant; sorry, Jake fans (I’m not really that sorry, #OlitzForever)! As we left the season, it looked like those two were well on their way to ‘Vermont.’ But will they really get it?
I’ll answer with a follow-up: does Shonda ever let us stay happy for long? My guess, sadly, is no. Although the trailer shows us Fitz asking Melly for a divorce, I would bet that something horrible will happen and Olivia and Fitz will be torn apart. Again.
Like the fairy-tale ending, last season seemed to conclude with everything wrapped up in a nice bow. Papa Pope is in jail and no longer Command, Pope & Associates saw promise of growing, and B613 seemed to be in the gutter. Still, the Scandal universe can not exist without a constant state of chaos, so I’m excited to see what, or who, is going to unleash some trouble.

How To Get Away With Murder

Only premiering last fall, HTGAWM quickly became one of the most tweeted about shows of the network year. Throughout the 15-episode debut season, we quickly fell in love with the ensemble of characters led by Professor Annalise Keating (played by Viola Davis, who just won the Emmy for the role). The twists and turns between each episode were enough to make your head spin, which is probably why the stationary summer hiatus was so particularly painful. Sure, we finished the season with the answer to who killed Lila Stangard, but we were also left with more questions that left us counting down until September.
Who killed Rebecca? How will Connor (swoon) handle the news? And what the heck does ‘Eggs 911’ mean?
So, in classic Olivia Pope style, pour yourself a big glass of red wine and spend your Thirsty Thursday in the mind of Shonda Rhimes. TGIT returns TONIGHT at 8/7c on ABC!
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