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Freddie Dennis is Unwaveringly Faithful to His King in “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story”

Self improvement is the keystone of Freddie Dennis’ acting philosophy. “You will never be perfect, so stop striving to be,” he says. He enjoys the Rubik’s cube of deciphering a role. The prospect invigorates and inspires him. “Each character poses a new set of challenges that have to be tackled and what I love most about this craft is that the solution to unlocking any one character is never the same as another.” As with any pursuit, having the confidence to succeed starts with you. Freddie was fortunate enough to have someone there to gift him that reminder when he needed it most. “I had an amazing teacher and mentor called Kristine Landon-Smith. I have her to thank for pretty much every success I have had so far. During rehearsals for ‘The Seagull’ at drama school she simply turned to me one day and said, ‘Freddie, you are enough.’ This was invaluable to me because it gave me self-belief, which is at the core of creating any character. You can only begin to do it if you believe you can.”

Freddie stars as Reynolds in the hugely anticipated Bridgerton spinoff, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. “The series centers on Queen Charlotte’s rise to prominence and power through her marriage to King George III. The marriage was an amazing love story, but also sparked a societal shift that created the world of the Ton inherited by the characters in Bridgerton.”  Joining the Bridgerton cinematic universe makes Freddie overwhelmed with gratitude. “It is such a privilege to be part of a world that is so popular around the globe. It has also been one of the greatest learning opportunities of my life and career so far.” His character Reynolds is a delicate soul trussed by duty. “I love Reynolds. He is the King’s man and it is his job to manage all of the King’s affairs. This is obviously a highly pressurized job and demands a great deal of diligence, loyalty and professionalism. But despite his façade, Reynolds is a fragile, deeply caring man who is desperate for love, affection and validation.” He’s endlessly devoted to his King as the two share seemingly unbreakable trust. “In my mind, the two of them grew up together as best friends and equals. There is an unspoken bond between them; they both know, understand and love each other’s flaws. This dynamic is pushed to its limits as the series progresses. It was a joy to explore this with one of my best mates, Corey [Mylchcreest].” Freddie believes nothing will prevent Reynolds from protecting his soulmate of sorts. “It is a risky business for Reynolds, dedicating his life to such a vulnerable man. And yes, of course there is the potential for trouble. But what I would say is that Reynolds would be willing to take any risk for George, such is his love for his childhood best friend. That said, Reynolds doesn’t currently appear in the original Bridgerton series … so perhaps something did happen after all!” We’re confident that Reynolds is savvy enough to untangle himself from any situation that may arise. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is now streaming on Netflix.

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Freddie Dennis is Unwaveringly Faithful to His King in “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.” Photo Credit: David Reiss. Styling: Emily Tighe. Grooming: Amanda Grossman.

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