Four TV Shows I’m Sticking With

I have a long list of shows I want to watch and a shorter list of shows I have time to watch. With shows ending for good (I’ll miss you, Parks & Recreation) and shows returning with newer seasons (I love you, Game of Thrones), I have to budget my time when it comes to starting something new. With that said, here are four shows I can’t wait to catch when they return for a second season!
Though there were only 12 episodes in its first season, Lee Daniels’ Empire has been a wild ride from the beginning. The show continued to grow in viewers each week, and it’s no surprise, what with its familial drama, numerous guest stars—including Jennifer Hudson and Patti LaBelle—its addictive tunes, and its witty one-liners.
The Flash
Another superhero show I’m a fan of is The CW’s The Flash. As a fan of Arrow, when the Flash spinoff was announced, I was looking forward to seeing what would take place in Central City. It quickly introduced the Reverse Flash and time travel, so I can’t even imagine what types of adventures Barry Allen will be heading out on next.
Skimming the surface of Batman’s origin story, Gotham follows a young James Gordon before he became commissioner. As viewers learn more about Gordon, the origins of a number of Batman’s villains are also revealed. There are some fascinating backgrounds for these characters, and it’s interesting to look at a young Bruce Wayne.
How To Get Away With Murder
Rounding out ABC’s #TGIT campaign was How to Get Away With Murder. Can’t say I was expecting multiple murders of some prominent characters in just 15 short episodes. Each episode took theories I had in mind and tore them apart. I can’t even begin to imagine the twists that will take place next season.
And I have a special shoutout to Agent Carter. Peggy Carter is one of the most brilliant characters ever written, and I’d like her to come back. Another special shoutout goes to Fresh Off the Boat. ABC’s comedy is smart, honest, and never fails to make me laugh.
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Four TV Shows I’m Sticking With: Photograph courtesy of Fox

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