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3 Things Every Girl Can Learn From Jessica Day

1. Look cute, feel great
It doesn’t matter the occasion, time, or company, Jessica Day’s appearance is always top-notch. From her cute-chic teacher apparel, to her care-free skirt and flat combos, Jess knows how to make a statement. This style-savvy girl won’t even let a night pass without buttoning up a pair of pinstriped flannels. What can we learn from Jess’s consistent, modestly revealing wardrobe? Always dress to impress, wear your quirks confidently, and give your style a personal touch.
2.Don’t sweat the small stuff
If you know Jess, you know her to be a magnet for trouble. In her day-to-day life, this girl battles problems large and small, making her a pro at navigating whatever trial comes her way. From fending off creepy love interests, to tolerating 3 male room mates, to managing a classroom full of high energy elementary students – our Jess is the Jackie Chan in the duel we call life. What to take away from her capable stride? Keep your head above the water and be willing to improvise when situations get squishy – flexibility is key to enjoying life, despite it’s ups and downs.

3. See the best in others
Finally, one of Jess’s greatest qualities is unconditional love. This superstar forgives time and time again, making her the most trustworthy of friends. Although living with three strong male personalities would cause some women to hide, from the start Jess embraces each one of her loft-mates with open arms. Not only is Jess willing to look past one’s faults, she is set on helping others grow to their full potential. What can we learn from Jess’s big heart? Understand that we all make mistakes, and the only way to build a relationship is by walking alongside someone through thick and thin – smiles and tears included!
To learn more than just 3 Things Every Girl Can Learn From Jessica Day, be sure to catch the latest episodes of New Girl @ 9/8c on Fox!

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